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Excellent article on Nature Conservancy’s chief scientist, Peter Kareiva

Kareiva is spelling out the science-based basics of a Green agenda for this century---quite different from what guided us back in the 1900s.
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Maybe "be alarmed, not alarmist", should be the new refrain.

The devaluing of biodiversity is troubling, however. Aren't diverse systems more resilient to perturbation?
Nina JC
Good article highlighting a necessary shift to practical solutions to our human created problems. However, from a "people person" perspective ( I understand my fellow homo sapiens sapiens pretty well.....) and since he's in a position of influence, keep your eye on the emotional creep of his identification with his humble working man background. I've got one of those, and when I give in to it too much, well, there's a bit of personal progress regression which environmental protection may not be able to afford at this point. (Like when crazy cousin Ed, is constantly mooching and it's sad, but suddenly I find that I'm broke). Also beware the obsessive: "Nearly all of Kareiva's peers say he never seems to sleep; he used to get by on doughnuts and Jolt, an energy drink." All in all, we need him, and I respect his ability to get to a reasonable place of compromise. Just watch and wait.
I wonder if this guy will get the Bjørn Lomborg treatment
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