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My Green life in 10 minutes

As videoed by 8th grader Miro Furtado. Impressive archival research of images---some I’ve never seen. Some views and comments might brighten Miro’s day, and yours.
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Luc N
That's my buddy MIRO!!!!!!
Good job on the video. Thanks, +Stewart Brand, from a Canadian who wishes he still had his copies of Whole Earth but hasn't forgotten what he learned. What a long, strange trip it still is.
Well done Stewart...Are your books still in print?
Sure: Whole Earth Discipline; The Clock of the Long Now; How Buildings Learn.
For a long time I've thought of The Whole Earth Catalog as a preincarnation of the Internet. 'Access to Tools' was the subtitle.
Nina JC
Really lovely documentary effort. I hope that this is just your first. (Thought of Mario Savio just the other night when Bob Lutz was on TV, still doubting, still a leftover from the post-war 50s tough nuts, but recalling Savio fondly). When the Midwest emptied out in the early 70s and our "freak" community was split on destinations, I chose the artistic opportunities of NYC over the mid-peninsula, CA., science-heavy, Stanford area. As I lived in my 13th floor, red brick apt. building, I never once forgot my "roots" and pouring over that first edition of the WEC with my first real friends in Ohio. I just posted a couple of photos of the Ford Museum's exhibit of the "Back to the Land Movement" which we saw this past August if you care to look.
thanks for sharing, enjoyed it and applaud Miro for a good job, I see real talent in your work.
Beautiful composition Miro, well done! - history is ALIVE, the whole world can work for all of us <adjective not found yett> humans!
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