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I purchased a jawbone up24 in February from adillards store I do believe. I loved my jawbone. I used it all the time. Lovvvvvve it. Then the other day it started to have issues I tried all the trouble shooting online and over the phone. The rep told me I would have to have it replaced. Then he said he saw that there were multiple users. How could this be I bought it. The package was a little tore up and it was on clearance but I thought I was the only one. I don't have the receipt or package come on I got it months ago. I am sorry I don't keep things past a few months when the item is working. The rep from jawbone said that jawbone was not going to do anything. I am upset because it is jawbones product and they should stand behind it. You can tell by the info on the app it was working. I have read the reports on line and all the complaints about the product. And it not working good. I am so unpleased by your jawbone lack on concern. On my 3rd call I got a supervisor that offer me 25% off a new one. I don't have much money and don't wanna be out again. Does anyone have the same experiance?
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I also had problems with my UP24 wrist band. I guess you can only flex it so much before something breaks inside? I love the Jawbone app and ecosystem, so I purchased an UP Move. No charging needed just change the CR2032 battery (any supermarket or chemist) every six months or so, nothing to twist, flex or break and just soooo much easier all round. I only miss the morning wakeup buzz, but other than that it pretty much does everything the UP24 did?
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