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The Best Places To Live.    [How does your city rank?] 

30 factors: Safety, healthcare, educational resources, infrastructure, environment etc. Winners: Adelaide, Zurich, Honolulu (really?), Singapore, Budapest. 

Some of the big movers are interesting. On the positive side: Harare, Bogota (!), Kathmandu, Dubai, Taipei. On the negative side: Damascus, Tripoli, Kiev, Caracas and a veritable who's who of crisis zones.

Personal surprises for me. Bratislava and Noumea (I don't know anything about both, need to!), how low New Delhi, that Kuala Lampur is so much higher than other places I would expect to be there, and that London dropped along with Vienna and Tokyo.

What are your surprises?  Data Source:
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5 things to do in Kathmandu
Welcome to the world of Kings! As soon as you enter Patan Durbar Square, you are surrounded by ancient structures. One of the three Durbar Squares in Nepal, Patan Durbar Sqaure is a UNESCO World Hertiage Site....

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Is it so? Kathmandu among least expensive cities to live in Kathmandu has been declared the fifth least expensive city in the world in a cost of living survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), an annual survey conducted by reputed London based Economist magazine.

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Daily Life In Nepal: The Vibrant Colors Of Katmandu

Welcome to Daily Life! Each week HuffPost World will transport you to one of the corners of the Earth through images that expose the beauty and tragedy of worlds you may have never before seen.

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Kathmandu, Nepal - among the top 10 destinations in 2013
Destinations on the Rise - TripAdvisor #travel
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Fewer accidents reported in Kathmandu this Dashain which is always welcome news.

The Kathmandu valley witnessed fewer road accidents and fatalities this Dashain , according to the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD)....

Happy Dashain to everyone!!
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Over 1 million people leave Kathmandu for Dashain
Around one million people have left Kathmandu valley through land route in course of celebrating Dashain festival, the largest festival of Hindu community.

According to Chief of the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, Keshav Adhikari, around 1,017,000 people have left the capital from September 17 to October 6 in course of celebrating the Dashain festival.

Now, around 1,800 public vehicles leave the valley through Thankot checkpoint every day, according to the Division. 

Adhikari said that 3,000 public vehicles exit through Chobhar, Nuwakot and Sangabhanjyang points of the valley.

As many as 167,000 passengers have booked tickets for Fulpati day, Ashtami day and Nawami day of the festival. 

The Division has carried out strict monitoring to provide service to passengers in easy and smooth manner.

Civil Traffic Police have been carrying out works for the welfare of the passengers by establishing civic help desk at one dozen places in the valley, it is learnt. 

Around 50 people file their complaints every day and process for action as per the complaints is underway.

Meanwhile, traffic police said that cases have been filed against 94 drivers on the charge of driving vehicles after consuming alcohol during daytime so far since September 17

Source: The HImalayan Times
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