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Hey guys, so HTC is gonna launch a new Android handset, the HTC M7. What do you think about it?
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Like it, it's cool, Specs are crazy, not to crazy about sense 5, and it would've been cool to put more creativity into the design.
Looks nice. Indeed not a huge fan of sense
Looks good, the quality of the battery will be a key factor
Nothing revolutionary, Huge wasted space around the screen and under the unnecessary hard keys. Since rooting and using a custom (stock) JB ROM on my Sensation XE, it runs much much faster. Knowing HTC it will be a 2100mah battery or less which with the supposed full HD display would not last a day. Sense 5 does look better though, a bit more like stock android. Fingers crossed the Motorola X phone turns out to be real and really revolutionary 
Sense is old and tired, and the dedicated hardware buttons are useless. Blackberry z10 handset looks better
I am upgrading to this device for sure
better than HTC butterfly?
What ? Is the home button on the right ?? :O
Its still going to have Sense which makes it look tired and dated looking. 
I like it. But it now means my HTC One X is outdated
The One X was outdated by the One X+
Think how I feel with my Sensation XE!
My question is will it be able to get Android 5.0 when it comes out? Would be kinda dumb to get a "new" for it to be out dated when the new version of android comes out. 
Need to get rid of Sense UI, it is outdated
+Dot4Tech its a question that has been on my mind since talk of the HTC M7 getting jelly Bean and also hearing that the GS4 will get Android 5.0 instead. So i was just wondering since this will be HTC's flag ship device then will it get the new version of android or not. If not then i don't want it 
It's a great looking phone & miles better than my Droid Incredible 2. Then there's the Nexus 4....stunned with silence & SMH. I'm sorry HTC but it's time to move on.
and the M7 will have higher specs, a bigger screen and looks a lot better than the Nexus 4.
+Nico Lopez Most likely it will have Android 5, HTC and Samsung  are the top 2 players in the smartphone game right now, with LG and Motorola right behind them. all the best specs, features, screen resolution etc.. it's without a doubt the'll have android 5.
+Kheir Francis You're right. HTC has always been an excellent manufacturer when it comes to Android. Besides spec comparisons, this is really about personal choice for me. Don't get me wrong, the M7 will sell very well when it's released. Without even thinking about it....I want the Nexus 4.
+Kheir Francis hopefully it does but with reports of it coming out in March, the idk if it will come with android 5.0 cause Google will announce android 5.0 on May 15th. So I'm not sure if I would get it even though i like htc 
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