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I must be going a bit mad -- is there a rule for Boons & Banes kicking around for combat between opponents of different Sizes? There is for grappling ,etc, but what about straight Melee or as ranged targets?

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I've been playing with making FAE player-facing, so this is interesting. If players start with only two stress, do they have the standard number of consequences? And is there a separate physical/mental track?
This was an update made to the Shadowcraft Kickstarter campaign. Here’s Christopher Ruthenbeck describing some of the changes we’re making to the Fate rules for Shadowcraft: The Glamour War. And if we hit a certain stretch goal during the campaign, all of…

There's no JADEPUNK community? That can't be right ...

Well, besides addressing this to +Ryan M. Danks and +Jacob Possin  I'll toss it out in the ether, as I got so many good and useful responses on my last question about stress.

I like (and my players respond to) the "Occupation" style of approaches. In JADEPUNK is "Fighter/Scoundrel etc" .  I'm currently using a MODE/FAE style, like in Atomic Robo where it's "Action/Banter/Intrigue etc"  

I'm actually using "Action/Intrigue/Reason/Style/Focus/Instinct", but I'd LIKE to move more toward the Occupation style, as I know that'll be easier for my players to grok. We've been playing together a long time, and they've mentioned they prefer it. No prob, I love JADEPUNK, easy hack.

However, the current game I'm running is a near-future soft apocalypse with Cthulhu overtones. Single stress track FAE style. Thing is they're encountering stuff that screams for a Will overcome to avoid damage, or as a Defense against an attack on sanity. Has anyone handled the equivalent of non-combat damage  with Occupation style approaches?  Or, if anyone wants to throw some Approach suggestions up, I'm also all ears.

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LIBRARIANS #107 "Rule of Three" Answer Post
Man, I love this episode. As we’ve discussed, a show is rarely ever the show until episode six. You may be either supremely skilled or lucky enough to be hitting home runs right from episode two — more prep tends to allow this, as you’re burning through you...

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LIBRARIANS #110 "Loom of Fate" Question post
Alternative universes! Jenkins backstory! Banter and zombies!  Questions and comments below. And thanks the HELL out of watching first season of the show.

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LIBRARIANS #109 "City of Light" Question Post
Backstory! Tesla!  Snarky Cassandra! What more could you want? Comments and questions below, which I will answer this week.

Damage tweaking.

Hey all, I may be trying to over-granulate things, but I figure I'd throw it to the room.

I'm doing a low-power (think traditional Cthulhu) game with  FAE variant. So base 3 stress boxes, 3 conditions, and all damage, mental and physical (and there's tons of both) go on the same damage track.

On one hand, I do want to use stress boxes, As I think the fiction demands situations where you can get  a bit beat up and shake it off, at least by the next day after getting to a safe space.  Falling when exploring ruins, sudden frights, disturbing scenarios etc.

On the other hand, I like the "Oh shit, GUN!" feel of when somebody shows up with a gun or a chainsaw or etc. So in that case I'd use just Consequence damage.combat as mentioned in the toolkit, (I believe +Ryan Macklin did something like this a while back). I've played with the "Damage ratings as minimums" rule, that's worked so far, but I want to experiment.

My question is, what do you think of the mixing and matching? How do you scale damage in your own particular home games, if you hack it? 

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One of my writers on THE LIBRARIANS has gamed with me. While we were breaking the characters for the series, he looked at the notecards on the wall and said "wait, are those phrased as ASPECTS?" Well, yeah.
Seeing The Librarian. That thing is REALLY Fate-able. 

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LIBRARIANS #108 "Heart of Darkness" Question post
A very dark little off-speed we did to see, basically, if we could do dark little off-speeds that started in non-traditional manners.  The return of awesome Portland actress (now at Stanford) Lea Zwada as our Final Girl!  Post questions, comments and compla...

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LIBRARIANS #107" "Rule of Three " question post
One of my favorites of the year for a variety of reason, not the least of which being Bex and Alicia Witt. Post your comments, questions and half-baked theories below.
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