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My boarding pass for Orion's FlyingTest!!!

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Are we ready for the rise of the robots?
I have recently read in different journals the rise of robots, and how they can actually be our substitutes in our jobs. In a society which we need to work in order to have money to live, this can come as a scary prospect. Robots will do the things we can d...

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Das lied von das Universum
I just read “ The life of Galileo ”, b y Bertolt Brecht.
Brecht, a man of his time, was worried about the ethics of the
scientific work. My personal opinion is that is not science itself
that has to be under scrutiny, but its uses. Science has improved our

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Mind the gap
An international team of researchers have demonstrated that the spectral gap problem is algorithmically
The spectral gap, or the difference between the energy of the ground state and
the first excited state, is fundamental to understanding the ...

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This recently published article has pointed out how our XXI century world if full of bullshit, and how a lot of people accept bullshit without a second thought. It is very funny, indeed, to see how randomly generated sentences ( here or here ) are accepted ...

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Ig-Nobel prizes 2015
Yes… it is that time of the year again, when science and humour collide. I secretly dream of winning the Ig-Nobel prize some day. But it is very unlikely. I’m afraid I’m a very boring researcher.
Anyways, here you have the winners of the prizes this year:  ...

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Music from the spheres
This is a composition by Burak Ulas based on the ulsations of a star called Y Cam A. Isn´t it beautiful?  From here .

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Greetings from Earth
NASA recently released the content of the Golden Discs that are being emitted by the Voyagers.

Here you can hear the greetings from Earth in 55 different languages. Greetings :)

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Plates movements
How the continents moved, and their future. That is the Plate Tectonics :)

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What are we going to do about it?
What is really warming the World? Here you have the answer in an easy way.  The graphic, by Bloomberg Business, uses the data from NASA Goddard Space Flight Institute.  What do we need more to know? What are we doing now?
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