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Riomaggiore, Italy

The most southerly of the five villages that make up the Cinque Terre on the Ligurian coast, the picture-postcard Riomaggiore captures the imagination at it seems to tumble down the steep hillside into the Mediterranean. If you ever do get to visit, be sure to sample the local wine produced from the grapes of the vineyards above the town.

Nikon D700, 14mm-24mm

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great photo! Just otday I've posted one of cinque terre's vineyards I made looking Manarola
definitely making a journey there at some point in my life.
oh my goodness i spent a week there in the summer of 2000. thank you SO much for this bit o' nostalgia. wow.
Really Great Place and shoot.
Take A lot of pictures in Italy.
I have GOT to visit this place! Lovely shot of a very intriguing place!
any chance of getting some full-size versions of some of the amazing pictures in your photo set? i'd love to flesh out my 1920x1200 desktop wallpaper set! you have some amazing pictures!!
thanks victor, you show us how wonderful and amazing our world
A fantastic image of a beautiful place. Well captured
uv mahi
sweet home...........
It's really so beautiful........
It looks Very Beautiful........Where it is.......
Cool! Great postwork, great colors! I would like to visit it one day!
What an incredible interplay of colors. Lovely mystical, surreal quality.
awesome pic is awesome ! i want to live here...
lovely looking place..
What does Riomaggiore mean...
does it have meaning like the greek towns and all have...
i have seen 'supermaggiore' in Italy...
very dangerous,at the same time very nice beautiful
Ah! That is gorgeous!
There is a haunting abandoned village in the cliff side between Sorrento and Napoli have you been ther Vicktor? It would be a brilliant photo shoot.
+Kay Delaney - do you know the name of the village near Sorrento? I'd be very curious to find out more
that is an awesome picture
Hi Viktor I will find the details for you and let you know later :-)
+Andrew Gilmore - I'm not sure what you mean. Do you see in LDR? Would you prefer I under-exposed the image, or whitened out the sky. Which part of this image do you think I couldn't see with my own eyes?
it cool to hang out there
hi Ayesha...I added u ibnto my G+ circle...please come...
Amaaaaaaaaaaaazing, nice shot by the way
Ahh, le cinque terre. I remember sitting just.right.there. +Shuruq Fillo, do you?
people like jumped:-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
wow I would love to visit !! it looks so beautiful
hi Julissa Beltre..I think u r so I added u...Please come...
Wow, that is beautiful!! Did someone paint that?
Looks amazing, but I'm afraid that when I get there I will be like:"WOW!!! what else is there to do?" And be bored the rest of the day, unless you can safely and freely swim down there. But it still wouldn't be worth a visit in my eyes. Thanks for the picture though....very inspiring!
+Andrew Gilmore I appreciate your comments and opinion. But I do find there is a lot of prejudice against "HDR" photography. I'm reluctant to use the term. I try to recreate what I saw, using multiple exposures to tease out the detail. So this image contains elements from about four exposures. The fact is we rarely see real black, especially in daylight, and we rarely see pure white either. There is always some detail in what we see. But in conventional photography it is common to have large areas of black and/or white. This is accepted because we are used to it.

If you look at the development of photography over the last 150 years you will understand that "HDR" is just another step in the move towards the realistic photographic representation of what we see. We've come a long way since monochrome, duotone and polaroid images. In the near future I believe all camera sensors will have a much higher dynamic range and there will be no need to spend the time on HDR processing techniques. "HDR" will become the norm. It already has for me. When I see "normal" photographs these days, I see what's missing. I see LDR.

I appreciate your comments and welcome them. It's all part of a discussion.
Incredible Image! Some of the HDR is done well and some not so well.... this is very well done! Triple WOW WOW WOW Award from me! Fantastic composition too!
omg but that place is cute but its floding
I looked through all your images you have posted and enjoyed them immensely; a varied and stunning view of the world and yet I noticed there is a void with out images of Canada. I may be a bit partial but, I live in the Vancouver / Whistler area and I think it is the most beautiful place on earth even if it lacks some of the history of some of the other places. I do hope to see some Canadian images from you some time.
thats just a picture from end of the world trailer
Spectacular image! I want to go there!
this is a beautifully captured image of a beautiful location!
I was there in September. Incredible beautiful blend of outdoor scenery and architecture. Beautiful photo.


Merv Rasmussen
Fotocamera stupenda, ma l'Italia è sempre l'Italia <3
beautiful architecture built on great landscaping
What a place to build. It would be fun to visit.
I am in awe of your work......just breathless work. Thank you so much for sharing your talents of capturing the world through your eyes.
This is so beautiful. It seems so otherworldly to me.
Good to know Italians are not bothered with raising ocean levels... ;-)
Unbelievably beautiful photo. thanks much
An excellent work. A display of a possibility on a place where doing such a thing and living in mass looks impossible.
it is a nice picture and good seenory
did u took the photo???
Wow. Beautiful picture. I am Italian and I know I will never get to go to Italy. I hope to someday though.
Structurally this is such an interesting photo. It's like you photographed the cusp of where nature meets urbanization. Stunning!
WOW, I think Hundertwasser would have a field day here.So unreal, yet so very beautiful
waoooooooooooooooooo nice place
its an awsum looking place
That is the most amazing picture! wow super-de-duper awesome =0)
It's the ideal place 2 take a wife r lover 2 
If I ever visit, I will be spend the whole time looking at this in utter awe. Wow.
very nice place i love such a place for living , it is really wonderful ,
see human being""s occupying mentality even they are not leaving hill stations.
This place looks amazing! great shot :)
thats a beautiful view i would love to be thier right now
Italy is so beautiful. My visit to Portofino was so memorable in the past. Great scenery, great food, great people, and great coffee! ^^
One of my favorite places on earth. He is right about the wine. It is so good you drink it all day like its bottled water.
I w'nt to visit there.b't thr the problem,i'm very far frm it.
Where is the city situated? I mean which country?
Beautiful! Where is this place? Also, has anyone ever noticed that when lovely photos - such as this one - are taken, one can never find a single human being? (LOL) Again though, beautiful!
ajay:i love it, i must and should go to there, my lover will b lov it
Amazing .... Wish to go there , !
Went there last year, some of the most unique cities I have ever seen.
Beautiful, used to live near there
that pic looks so amazing that I thought it was a painting!
strictly helicopter or boat great perspective I would hang this
would be fun to be on the top and jump in the water..... FUN!!!!!
What a talent you are! Glad to have found you thanks to Google. I look forward to seeing more.
Man I need a vacation. This is incredible.
Wow this is beautiful +Victor Lacken Congratulations on having this image selected for Photo Extract!
Beautiful... Wish I could go there and see this place in this perspective :|
Wow, that looks like a super awesome place!!!
does anyone know the reason for the green colored glass? It is beautiful
the reason of green colored is algae,bacteria and plant reaction with water. which caused green colored.
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