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City of London

So London is going to be in the news a lot in the next few weeks as the city prepares to present the 2012 Olympics. Last summer the images from London were all about rioting. This year let's hope the city can project a better version of itself as a beacon of civilization and culture.

Nikon D700, 14mm-24mm

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... "civilisation and culture" ... (???) ... UK journalist Andy Worthington describes the London Olympics, thus:

May 16, 2012 — "Greed, waste, exaggeration, distortion, militarism, paranoia, jingoism and social cleansing [...] the Olympics have become a festival of the global security industry, with a running and jumping contest as a sideshow. No one in government dares call a halt. Nero in his prime could not have squandered so much money on circuses."
+Patrick O'Brien it's true that it's all a bit over the top, especially with the security measures in place. But we can hope ....
... PS ... nice shot in your original post, Victor.

Best wishes!
+Patrick O'Brien Andy is an idiot, clearly Nero in his prime would have spent more if he could, hell all of the Roman emperors were big spenders when it comes to putting on games and gladiatorial contests on, an they all spent lavishly.

The primary beneficiaries of the Olympics are not the security contractors, which amount to just under a billion, or less than 10%, ,, it the builders, the architects, other engineering contractors who have gotten the vast bulk of the 11 billion, worst case figure that the media likes to bring up when costing the Olympics.

He also ignore the Westfield shopping centre which would never have been built if there was not an Olympics on, according to a local news papers, if construction did not start before the recession then Westfield would never have been built, they move up there plans by 2 or three years, thousands of people are currently employed there, mostly long term unemployed from the local area would still be unemployed.

the people of East London and Essex, me being one of them, will have a fantastic new park, a brilliant new swimming pool, which is probably the best in the world, a velodrome which every rider agrees is the best in the world. An a far better transport infrastructure, work which would never have been done if the Olympic was not in town. Nothing like a deadline of world importance to get local and national politicians motivated.

The army, air force and the navy will be nowhere near as visible as he makes out. There will not be helicopters or euro fighters flying back and fourth across the Thames. Mainly because they been base so close to the Olympic site that they can get there from dry in less than 10 minutes, if Euro fighters are kept in the air, they will be flown well away from the event, probably over the north sea, an at high altitude, you are very unlikely to even be able to see them, let alone hear them, unless an incident happens.

As for the sniper, if a civilian can spots one, then they are not doing their jobs probably, they are trained to go undetected, unnoticed, invisible . Snipers have been deployed at every major public event in the UK for years, and I have been to a few of those and have never manage to spot one from the ground.

Police carrying machine guns, I have seen armed cops at the tube stations before, especially Liverpool street, Euston station patrolling, most people in London are use to that. They are now just carrying slightly more powerful weapons, which they have been doing for the past couple of years, most people will not be able to tell the difference between the weapons they carried before to the weapons they can carry now.

""There are to be naval landing craft roaming the coast off Weymout""

It not unusual to see the odd military vessel in that part of the world.

He clearly forgotten the 9/11 events, if he does not understand why the missiles are being deployed. Yes it unlikely any aircraft will even get close to London, but those missiles are the very last line of defence.

The only problem I have are the VIP Olympic lanes, there no need for officials to be base in central London, they could have easily been place in Hotels in Essex, around Loughton, Epping, Chigwell area and had a direct train take them on the central line into Stratford. They could have built additional accommodation at the Olympic Athlete village for them, if the facilities are good enough for the Athletes then they are good enough for the VIP.

I think it a shame there not a competition for moaners at the Olympics, we would have been guaranteed a gold medal then.
great post +David Knowles - nice to get another perspective. Are you going to any of the events yourself?
I will be going to see the torch relay near me and may be even the Stratford part of it

Hopefully I will get down to London to see the outdoor bike race and Marathon.

I did win tickets for the Hackney music party but I wilk likely give them to my Sister, her daughter and two of her friends. I still got to check the terms and conditions to see if that allowed, or other wise it will be me, my niece, one of her friends and my sister. I will be going to some of the other cultural events, there loads of free stuff going on and been invited to a couple official Olympic parties which I may or may not attend.

I did not get anything for the park. But I am buying lots cadberry chocolate bars so you never know.
Thank you for your post, +David Knowles . . .

As an outsider looking in, I was not aware to what extent the "Surveillance and Security Industry" had taken hold in British society for your post not only rationalises (even normalises) these extraordinary developments — you also defend them by characterising those who question as being "idiots" or "moaners".

Have your purchased and paid for your own games mascot, yet, David?

"Surveillance is fun! Surveillance is cuddly! Surveillance makes you healthier!" ... No, I didn't make that up:
+Patrick O'Brien Our current surveilence was born out of the IRA threats in the 70s,80s and 90s.

If you take last summer riots, thousands of people have been arrested and charge with criminal offences and imprison thanks to the high level of cameras we have in this country. The police are still expecting to make hundreds arrests in the coming months for crimes committed in 2011 riots.

Most of the camera scurrently installed are not owned or manage by the government, they are installed by individuals or private companies, I am sure being American you support property owners right to defend ones property using methods they feel are appropriate.

An no, I have not purchase my own mascot, I am not a fan of cuddly bears. Which are the ones being regularly sold
The ones with the surveilence cams, only a few are being made and are being taken around schools to get views that children have on the Olympics. This will be displayed during the Olympics and kept in storage long afterwards for future generations to look back. .

The Mcdonalds idea bought up in your article is actually pretty clever, as it encourages kids to get and exercise using a computer game as encouragement, not sure if it will actually work. But again data protection act would prevent Mcdonalds from using the data for anything but the computer game, unless they ask for permission. Not sure how many uses there are for the number of steps a kid takes in a day.
... cheers, David ... I'm pleased to have met you here

Best wishes!

PS ~ I'm not an American
Sorry for calling you Americans when you are not.
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