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Future beer in training.

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Cop trying to push a car up the hill thursday morning

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This image was taken of the back of my house a few minutes ago. I feel that it is entirely appropriate at this time. I am not doing this as a sign of disrespect to the flag, my country, or those who serve it. Flying the flag upside-down is a symbol of distress, and that is what I feel right now.

Anyone who doesn't know it, I was raised a boy scout. I attained the rank of Eagle Scout. There is a very small percentage of the U.S. that has saluted that flag more than I have. I have taken part in several flag retiring ceremonies. I love my country, I am thankful that I grew up in a middle-class house in the center of this once great place. In 2001 I was happy that it seemed that the other 300 million people here were suddenly as patriotic as I had always seen myself. When I bought my house three years ago, the stars and stripes were flying in my backyard within a few days.

As of this moment, I can not say I am proud of my country. Congress seems ready to pass two peices of legislation that are designed to pick apart the bill of rights. I do not feel that the government of the people, by the people, and for the people meets any of those criteria.

I tried to write out my thoughts on SOPA and the rider the senate added to the Defense Appropriation Bill, but I realized that I don't have the ability to shorten them to anything shorter than a book. So here is the super-abridged version.

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) Is a bill that will allow for censoring of the internet, and makes it a felony(up to 5 years in prison) for uploading copyrighted material. The wording of the bill makes no provisions for background noise. So remember not to upload anything to youtube when a TV or radio can be heard in the background. This upcoming law is brought to you by lobbyists from Hollywood, the RIAA, and the Pharmaceutical industry.

The senate added a rider to the Defense Appropriations Bill which allows the military to arrest terror suspects in the US and detain them indefinitely. A whopping seven of your elected senators thought this blatant reversal of your right to a trial was wrong and voted against it. Earlier this week Obama pledged to Veto the Bill, but I guess he decided that the Bill of Rights had had a good run, and that he really liked how Iran was running things.

I have to say that these Laws worked, I'm censoring my own posts to the internet now. I am now more afraid of my own government than I am of Al-Qaeda, any chance we can have the military lock up congress for being terrorists?

I don't know how long my flag will stay like this, but I hope I am the one to put it back.

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And now the martyr to the movement has entered play.

Just hit up friar tuck on my lunch and picked up a sixer of shiners seasonal ruby red, and a four pack of boulevard smokestack sixth glass. Should make for a pleasant evening.
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