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mide coker
Free spirited Lawyer with a passion for Fashion, Photography, Food and Travel.
Free spirited Lawyer with a passion for Fashion, Photography, Food and Travel.

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Organic Life Plus - RoseHip Oil & My Acne Journey
Hello Wonderful People! I'm back again with another beauty post. You know I'm always on the search for amazing products as one of my resolutions for 2017 was to have natural clear and radiant skin at all costs. My battle with adult acne started last year fr...

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Birthday Wishlist
Hello Everyone, So it's my birthday soon. insert dancing girl emoji here I'm hardly ever excited about my birthday but this year feels different. I'm not planning anything and I probably will end up spending it at home with family but I thought to share a...

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2017 Life Update
Hello Everyone, So i'm here to share a quick life update. The other day I was looking through my blog and I noticed how much I used to share. I don't share as much anymore and its really sad. I don't want to attribute it to not having time but lets just get...

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Skinsational Skincare
Hi Guys! So I'm back with another beauty post! Skinsational Skincare is a natural and organic skincare line made in Nigeria. I love organic products so when I found them I knew I had to try their products. What attracted me to this brand was a video of thei...

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Calabar 2016 Photo Diary
The Food My Friends                                                                                                                  The Beautiful Things I Saw Hi Guys, So as you know I spent a year in Calabar for my NYSC and I had the best time. It's a sma...

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Finding My Style
 (Whole outfit thrifted, minus shoes from Asos)  Hi Guys! Long time no outfit post ey? I know, I know... So I have finally found my style! It took me almost 5 years but here we are today, we thank the Lord. I remember when I started my blog and all the blog...

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Glow by Hairffiliation
Hi Guys! As part of my new natural and organic lifestyle, i've decided to stick with skin and face products with all natural ingredients. Although Neutrogena and Clean and Clear have worked wonderfully for me over the past few years; the fact that they coul...

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Akamkpa National Park
Hi guys! So, a few days ago, my friends and I visited Akamkpa
National Park, located at Akamkpa Local Government, Cross River State. The drive to the place took about 1hr and 15mins and when we
got there we saw it was not the actual park but the head office...

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Kwa Falls
Hi Guys!! I'm really excited to be sharing this post with you. Last week, my friends and I visited Kwa Falls. This is my first time visiting a waterfall and it is located at Akampka Local Government, Cross River State. It is about an hours drive from Calaba...

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Happy Food, Calabar
 Hi Guys, So I've been to Happy Food twice, first for Chakie and Zahzees celebratory dinner and the second time for my birthday in May (that's how long ago this post should have gone up smh) Its on the same road as my office so I had been passing it everyda...
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