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Helen Harrington
We is just a little "different"... Thankfully! :-)
We is just a little "different"... Thankfully! :-)

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Not all cats can do this!

Why Are Cats So Flexible?

Cats have the same basic skeleton and internal organs as human beings and other meat-eating mammals. The skeleton of a cat has about 250 bones. The exact number of bones varies, depending on the length of the cats tail. The skeleton serves as a framework that supports and protects the tissues and organs of a cats body. Most of the muscles attached to the skeleton are long, thin, and flexible. They enable a cat to move with great ease and speed. Cats can run about 30 miles (48 kilometers) per hour.

The arrangement of the bones and the joints that connect them permits a cat to perform a variety of movements. Unlike many animals, a cat walks by moving the front and rear legs on one side of its body at the same time, and then the legs on the other side. As a result, a cat seems to glide. Its hip joint enables a cat to leap easily. Other special joints allow a cat to turn its head to reach most parts of its body.

Cats are so flexible because of their high number of vertebrae, or individual spinal bone disks. Including their tails, cats have up to 53 vertebrae. By comparison, a human spine contains 33 vertebrae. While all animals' vertebrae has cushioning between the individual disks, a cat’s spine has more elastic cushioning than most mammals. This allows them to be able to twist themselves more easily, at angles of as much as 180 degrees. Cats also have tiny collarbones, which gives them the ability to flatten themselves to fit through small openings. When cats fall from tall heights, their flexibility is what generally keeps them from breaking any bones, because they are able to twist and reposition themselves mid-fall to land on their feet.

More about cats:

    Cats can jump as much as nine times their height from sitting down.

    Kittens as young as seven weeks know how to manipulate their bodies to fall from tall heights without injuring themselves.

    Cats have a wide range of vocal sounds — an estimated 100 of them. By comparison, dogs can make about 10 vocal sounds.

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A Pink Katydid

Most katydids are found in grassland areas because of the types of plants found in open fields. Many species of Katydids that feed on trees are found in forests. Primarily eastern United States but ranging west into Texas over to California..

The origin of the unusual color stem from genetics, not from gender, age, or environment. The color is apparent from birth, and throughout their life.

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So this is really annoying - my profile pic still can't be cropped properly and when I try to load my piccie I am told it is too small - yet - the same photo is magnified like 100 times as my cover photo....  Shakin my head over that one.  Feels like FB developers have dabbled here!!!

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Yup... Lets just assume this will be another big fat fail... It was called Highlight and I had it for free (not that I could notice any difference - nor could my friends) but now it is called Promote and it will cost me NZ $1.07 to do it...

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Pay??? Yeah right!! They certainly come up with some flops... I have been given the Free one - aren't I so lucky!

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Well lookie here - does this seem some what familiar??? FB openly copying G+??? Why can't they think up their own stuff!

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Cool photo effects!

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Lol.... :-)

When oh when oh when oh when are we going to get rid of that skanky profile cropping tool.... This is the crappiest thing that I have had to put up with since day dot... I don't want to crop my piccie - it's small enough as it is!!! Lordie this is frustrating!!!
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