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Best Golf Clash Tips
Best Golf Clash Tips
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Scary Text Stories App lets you read yarn scary text stories on your phone. These are gripping, edge-of-your seat thrillers that will keep you reading for hours.

Every yarn chat fiction message is told as a bite-sized yarn text message conversation as if you were reading someone else's yarn chat history.

Every Yarn yarn chat fiction is told as a short text message conversations as if you were watching someone else's yarn chat messages. Whether it be imaginary yarn chat conversation between two of your favorite celebs, a frantic group chat after unexpectedly liking an ex’s photo on Instagram or those suspenseful yarn chat fiction you just can’t get enough of… Scary Text Stories App lets you tap into it all!

We love reading, just like you, especially yarn chat fiction, but we know it can get BORING when text stories are too long. So we created this app to make the reading chic, scary and fun.

New stories added daily!

If you have yarn chat fiction stories which you want to share with users of Scary Text Stories App, please send it us to this email

Make sure that this application is definitely free and it will be forever

Our Stories:
- Mystery Dog Full Story
- Bruise Full Story
- Kardashian Salad Full Story
- Text From The Dead Full Story
Scary Text Messages
Scary Text Messages
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Games of Thrones is one of most popular series. There are many great quotes from this series. In this App (Best Game of Thrones Quotes), you get many famous quotes, phrases, jokes, and dialogue fragments from your favorite Game of Thrones Cast like Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, Arya Stark, And other Game of Thrones characters. We will update this App and add extra quotes daily.

Features of "Best Game of Thrones Quotes"
- Quotes will be added approximately daily
- Friendly user interface and easy to use App
- You can copy quotes for later use.
- You can share your quote to your friend easily via social media or email or messaging.
- Great support! We are all welcome to any sort of feedback and bug report.

As we mention in the last point, please feel free to let us know your feedback or problem, we will work on that ASAP

Enjoy Best Game Of Thrones Quotes!
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Are you a fan of WeChat messaging ? Tips for WeChat will give you all the necessary Tips and Tricks to work with WeChat app and chat with friend or group of friends. This app is destined for those who do not understand well the usage of WeChat app.

This application contains many Tips, such as use web WeChat, file transfer with web WeChat and many other tips you need to know, tips and Trick. Each part of the program is structured ready to teach you the basics of WeChat.

WeChat free app is cross-platform with a full range of communication features including free voice and video calls, messaging... WeChat free messaging app will be the best choice for if you are looking for the best app to chat with friend and companies.

WeChat offers free high-definition video calls and voice calls, as well as text messaging. WeChat can create group chats for up to 500 people.

Features :
- How To Upload And Send Video To Moments
- How to select Group Of Friends That Can See your Moments
- How to choose Which Friends To Not Share Moments With
- How to mention Friends In Your Moments Photo Update
- Use @ To Enter A Chat Group Member’s Name Quickly
- How to see all photos shared between two persons
- How to trigger Confetti Using Words
- How to disable Find Me By Phone Number
- How to turn Off Any Chat Notification
- How to set Your Notification Timing
- How to use Web WeChat
- File Transfer with Web WeChat
- How to see all Photos and Videos shared in a chat
- WeChat Voice
- How to share text message instead of image in Moments
- How to change displayed name in contacts
- WeChat Social Features

Disclaimer: This application contains just useful Tips and Tricks to help you have the best experience with Wechat app, and is not an official WeChat.
Tips for WeChat
Tips for WeChat
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Uninstaller For All Apps is the best android system tool.
This app contains batch sort function, uninstall function, and search function, it will help you to remove apps simply and efficaciously.

Uninstaller apps that you don't need is a good habit, it can delete useless data and save your phone storage, boost your phone speed, prevent too many useless apps drain your battery...

[App Features]

★ Two uninstall mode : single uninstall and batch uninstall
★ Convenient search function
★ Six sort options :[Name A → Z] /[ Name Z → A] / [App Size ↓] / [App Size ↑] / [Install Date ↑]/ [Install Date ↓]
★ View modes :List(Details)
★ Good graphic and animation
★ Very easy to use

Uninstaller For All Apps is a good assistant help you do this, make you uninstall apps that you don't need simple and quick, batch uninstaller mode can save you a lot of time, the search bar help you find app quickly installed apps, six sorting options can satisfy your different need:

1. You can uninstall biggest apps to save phone storage

2. You can uninstall apps you just downloaded

3.You can uninstall oldest apps

If you want to uninstall app easily, please download "Uninstaller For All Apps", help you saving time, help you managing apps effectively, help you saving more phone storage, help you to make your phone speed faster.

[Please Note]

This app can ONLY uninstall third-party apps.
This app CAN NOT uninstall system apps
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