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Hey guys, I need a bit of help: I'm slowly losing inspiration in my BuJo.. I started out loving the lax / freeform type of journaling/task tracking, but now it's become not too much more than a daily to-do list (which, maybe that's all it's meant to be). I have a system where most of my events go into google calendar and get retroactively added into my BuJo; this works for me because I keep an eye on a lot of events, but don't necessarily attend everything. I also use Wunderlist for collaborating on lists with friends, and Trello for vacation planning. Is it just that my system has too many components, and I just need to simplify? I feel like I have so much floating information/to-dos in my head, and the BuJo hasn't really been helping me keep on top of / track all of that, so I've been considering moving back to a traditional agenda. 

What do you guys think? Maybe you guys can help me streamline my system so I can get more out of my buju again..

Someone please sanity check me - is there a way to turn OFF a reminder if one was accidentally set? I dont see it anywhere.. If i'm not crazy/blind, then having that option would be great :)
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