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Patrick Gervais
I'm a photography sponge trying to absorb it all...
I'm a photography sponge trying to absorb it all...


When editing an image I find it difficult when I touch the before/after icon top right to know if I'm actually activating it or not. My finger is covering the small highlight that appears when active and so I can't see if its on or not. If my edit is minor and I want to compare before and after it should be more obvious. I'm using iPhone 5s and the most recent Snapseed.

Hey there, I would like to be able to zoom into an image while editing. Is that possible?

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Hey +Snapseed how about a vignette filter? One that we could control each edge separately. That would be awesome :-)

I'd like to be able to adjust the frame borders. I think we used to be able to do that before...

Hey gang,
Glad to be part of this group. I've been a TFTTF listener for about 5 years and love the show. I'm an amateur photographer. I started a 365 photo project this year and so I hope I can get it done :-)

Thanks +CamMi Pham for the invite :-)

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I have to try this :-)
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