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Stephen Lynch
Stephen Lynch, - Management Dashboard Software // Author of the award-winning Management book "Business Execution for RESULTS" // Strategy Consultant
Stephen Lynch, - Management Dashboard Software // Author of the award-winning Management book "Business Execution for RESULTS" // Strategy Consultant

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NEWS FLASH  “Business Execution for RESULTS - A practical guide for leaders of small to mid-sized firms” written by Stephen Lynch, has been named Judges’ Choice Winner in the management category of the 2014 Small Business Book Awards. (Link )

The Small Business Book Awards celebrate the best business books that appeal to entrepreneurs, small business owners, CEOs, managers and their employees. 

"The Small Business Book Awards are a way to acknowledge the books that small business owners and entrepreneurs appreciated over the past year," said Ivana Taylor, Book Editor at Small Business Trends, which produces the Awards.

The Winners were chosen by an expert panel of 24 judges from the small business community in the USA. The criteria for judging the Winners included: quality and quantity of the content conveyed; usefulness to small business owners and entrepreneurs; and freshness of the subject matter or how it was treated. The level of fan support for each nominee was also taken into account by the judges when choosing the Winners.

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So much for all those books over the years parroting the "left brain = logical" and "right brain = creative" narrative :/

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Exploring the West Coast of Auckland New Zealand with my lady
Wahoo! Hey, guys! Taking you on a quick escape back to my native country, New Zealand. Exploring the wild, rugged, secluded West Coast of the North Island. Stunning ocean views, black sand beaches and wildlife.

Unique to the New Zealand Westcoast is black, sparkly, glittery sand (the kind you see in flashy concrete sidewalks). Muriwai beach has this sand. It was created by the iron content derived from ancient volcanoes (situated offshore) that erupted some 16-23 million years ago.

This stunning shoreline has retained much of its natural, wild beauty. With steep cliffs and rocky nesting areas that are home to one of New Zealand's few mainland Gannet breeding colonies.

With a population of 1,500 its a great escape away from city life. Heavy duty waves from the Tasman Sea are a favourite with surfers and extreme Rock fishing (a dangerous pastime) at Muriwai Beach.


Thank you for watching! Cheering you and your personal success ~ Bianca




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The subtle war that’s dividing Netflix and Amazon

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The best video you will see all day

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What Will Service Work Look Like Under Amazon?

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The "fresh" apples at your supermarket were picked last year

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High-performing teams: A timeless leadership topic

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"For many users, the headline itself becomes the story, even if it doesn’t resemble the original factual event"

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