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A multi-purpose, multi-dimensional, pan-interfacial sophont.
A multi-purpose, multi-dimensional, pan-interfacial sophont.

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I got riled up reading the SOPA essay, and then perusing the Hacker News discussion ( ). I had a bit to say there and thought that it was an appropriate topic to share with all of you. Search for "Bleys" on that page to see my comment in context. Here it is copied for convenience (I was responding to a question about a post covering the power struggle between boomers and younger generations):

"The previous paragraph covers the issue of conflict between boomers and young generations, touching on the controlling forces of boomers conflicting with newer ideologies. So I think they meant to say that the x and y generations will remain in conflict with the boomers until the boomers grow too old to hold their power.

The problem I have with the invocation of post-materialism specifically to support this argument is that if post-materialism were manifest in the youngest generations, we'd have a lot of empowered voting and office-running youth overthrowing the boomer establishment. Post-materialists value freedom of speech and people collectively having power in political decisions more than they value material goods and even national order. Post-materialists would be fighting tooth and nail and leveraging every advantage they have against a corrupt, centralized material-obsessed authority.

A powerful post-materialist youth would leverage technology to empower their voices directly through the voting system and the lawmaking process. They would enable an open-source voting system with access to vote online and with publicly published by-vote data that associates votes to a generated unique key. When you voted, you would be given that key and then your association to that key would be destroyed. Thus, you'd be able to verify your vote was cast correctly and we could all verify voting data validity. The open-source voting system would ensure that there were no holes in this process.

A powerful post-materialist youth would reform lawmaking such that all bills had a single specific agenda with no riders (i.e., hidden pieces covering separate topics not covered in the abstract). They would ensure that every person could easily search for all the bills in consideration that covered topics they cared about and that the government actively marketed this data to the public.

A powerful post-materialist youth would have a crowd-sourced information platform for politics that tightly integrated with the searchable, taggable data. Think Reddit+Wikipedia for politics. With this there could be a wiki page for every issue and bill in discussion and a "subreddit" for every party and political action group to organize through.

A powerful post-materialist youth would develop these solutions and steamroll them into the status quo long before the boomers retired.

Maddox is highlighting that youth have not been exerting strong post-materialist influence in politics and joining a growing quorum of people saying, "Do more, care more, and you can actually shift ideologies and power structures to better align with your ideals."

The missing element to making this mainstream is a technology-focused social approach to reforming the voting system such that it is possible for the average working and school-going youth to develop and grow their understanding of the issues affecting all those that they care about by connecting them to those same people."

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For those of you who are proud of your written voice and have seen Earthlings, I offer a perversion: Before sending anything to press, think: "If I were a tree, would I be proud to die to have these words tattooed to me?"

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Three videos I wish everyone on this planet would see and be able to deeply appreciate (in this order, back to back, if possible):

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Oh boy, oh boy! Avant-Indie Americana Sci-Fi

I couldn't find them, so I wrote out the lyrics:

I'll live to see a million things
that men were never meant to see

My senses and my faculties
I'll augment with machinery

Touch & Taste
Converted into data streams
and floating bits of binary

Every piece of food you taste
and every thought you cogitate

Every sound that you can hear
and sight you see
for years and years
All stored up so conveniently
on petabytes of memory
So you can always reference them
in case you forget anything

singularity oh,
I don't know

singularity oh,
I don't know

Now once all that experience
can fit into an easy grip
Existence is no longer something
mentally projected

The wires that you have inside
are very easily realized
Through artificial imaging
you duplicate ten at a time

Your consciousness can be enjoyed
by anyone forevermore
and you live in whatever state
that you or anyone creates

You could be a giant squirrel
a statue
or a talking cat
a goodyear blimp
an etch-a-sketch
an octopus
or a brain in a vat

You keep all the memories
and feelings that you ever want
and now you can commence your life
as an uploaded extropian

singularity oh,
I don't know

singularity oh,
I don't know

My mother is so horrified
by this posthuman fantasy
She says we'd lose
that special thing
that makes us human beings be

But I don't know
I'm not so sure
if humans are
so good and pure
Perhaps we'd be
much better off
if we took these violent bodies off

Once everyone is in the cloud
we'll move beyond this earthly ground
expanding into outer space
as an informational signal race

Matter in the solar system
converts into computing mass
and the Sun becomes a central orb
of a brain that grows
into the vast expanse of space
An emptiness for light years
and light centuries
It replicates exponentially
like a russian doll in a cosmic dream

Once every spot of the universe
is filled up
it will promptly burst
eradicating finally the experiment
that we blew from Earth
As it explodes
the brain will breath
into the dark impossibly
and anti-matter all around
will collapse the universe back down

And right away
what you would see
if you were a fly
in the vacant sea
is all the light and color
in the universe
is collapsing

And time would stop


And from a tiny pinhole point
a massive bang
into space

And trillions
of new particles
fly away
at a

And once again
the clock would start
to tick and tock
and tick and tock
and years would pass
Billions or more
before the tiny proteins locked
and yet again
in the boiling seas
of a miniscule blue
A planet floating helplessly
around a tiny ball so fiery
An unextraordinary corner
of the universe
would cradle it
The flicker of intelligence
that lead us here and brought us this

singularity oh,
I don't know

singularity oh,
I don't know

singularity oh,
I don't know

I don't know

I don't know

I don't know...

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Silly pictures of old favorites.

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More space history/future to muse over:

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For those of you feeling a little bittersweet about the last Space Shuttle walk today.


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Well this is another take on anthropomorphizing.
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