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There has been plenty of high-jinks in the Garden so far this Spring with the birds that live here.   It's the native ones that are causing most of the commotion.  Flapping around in the leaves, chasing each other through the trees, swooping and diving and noisily singing out to each other.  Then there's the stunt flying (I call it)  as they speed inbetween branches.    The biggest exhibitionists are the Tuis who normally don't like a lot of attention from human kind.  Blackbirds have been active too and I'm sure some of their birdsong has changed it's tune.  The Herrons are back up in the tall Macrocarpa tree (they like heights) squawking away in that out-of-tune noise.  The Wood Pigeon seems like a mellow kind of guy, calmly climbing all through the labernum.  
So does anyone have any thoughts on the bird which people are calling the 'telephone bird'.  I have spoken to a couple of people in my neck of the woods who think the 'telephone bird' is the Tui that is mimicking telephones.    
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