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PC build I just did. Antec P280 case makes cable management a dream <3

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My review of the New 3DS Ambassador Edition (vs. my 3DS XL) - more cons than pros?

Great general form factor
Fantastic screen, head tracking works well 
Nice charger cable, useful
Quick, nimble, and nice to load Smash Bros quicker
Looking forward to Smash Bros update for NFC
Smash Bros. already works with the new extra buttons
Micro SD slot - easier to buy and cheaper than old SD cards thanks to mobile phones
Love the interchangeable plates
Replaceable battery
Much better layout for start/select/volume button

Obviously smaller screen, shame it's not New 3DS XL
The have moved the pen to the bottom of the device so it's not as easy to remove for right handed people
The have moved the hole for wrist straps to the top of the device, which means normal sized wrist straps can't be used while playing.. making wrist straps rather pointless and my device more prone to being stolen!
New 3DS XL version DOESN"T have swappable plates
The top and bottom plate are not interchangeable with each other, so top will always be a top plate
The bottom plate requires a screw driver :(
The MicroSD card is under the back plate, so also needs a screw driver
The charger stand doesn't hold the device very securely, so a slight knock can knock it off charge 
Any extra content I got for free, got wiped automatically when I transferred my old 3DS profile to my new device
Wireless switch off button has gone missing! No more quick being able to save battery

And I didn't get any Nintendo Stars!
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My shiny New 3DS Ambassador Edition has arrived ^_^
New 3DS Ambassador Edition
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Photos from the event where Prince Charles opened a new exhibition at the Science Museum - with a game that I designed ^_^

Here's the Web Version

iTunes Version

Android Version
Science Museum: Engineer your Future - opening by Prince Charles
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Getting ready a build.. you can tell if you wondered into my living room #gamedev  

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Looking for a Cambridge geek pen? Friend of mine is after a house mate. She owns all the board games!

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That's a lot of squished bugs from our LadyCADE build of Smash Hit Plunder

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Cat just got a little too excited and decided to become a parrot.. 
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