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Rhen Wilson
Author and Content Marketer. Grab your coat. We're going places.
Author and Content Marketer. Grab your coat. We're going places.

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Search engine optimization shouldn’t require a master’s degree to do well. Use this SEO infographic framework to optimize content and attract more site visitors.

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With so much debate and campaigning between the two sides, I’ve decided to weigh in on a topic that has all but split the content marketing world into two divisive camps: Gated vs. Ungated Content. Who will win? Let’s find out.

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Visit for more on creating a video marketing strategy.

You, of course, know how powerful video is to any content marketing strategy, but I think sometimes marketers (and especially their stakeholders) don't understand the role video plays specifically in convincing a prospect to convert. Using the buyer's journey as the guide, this video marketing strategy infographic details when and where to use different types of video content to move a buyer down the path to purchase.

#videocontent #contentmarketing #digitalstrategy

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Are you using video to meet the needs of your buyer's across their purchase path? Find out how to intersect video with the different stages of the buyer's journey.

#videomarketing #contentmarketing #video

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Only 32% of marketers have a documented content strategy. That’s a deficiency we must rectify. Whether you’re starting from scratch or refocusing your tactics, make sure you answer these pivotal questions to perfect your blog strategy.

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Are you working on a video marketing campaign? Check out this great B2B company using telling evocative stories through video.

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Trying to get your business or startup noticed by the media? Check out my 3 tips on pitching to journalists.

#startups #pr #publicrelations

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Future of Virtual Reality in Tourism (Plus 3 Other Industries)

I'm in love with the new 360-degree virtual reality technology on YouTube. I believe there are certain industries that should embrace this technology head on, specifically tourism.

What are your thoughts? Read my latest blog post for more.

#tourism   #travel   #virtualreality   #contentmarketing  

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Context connects ideas with actions, but are marketers taking advantage? This article is a call to action for marketers to stop thinking "mobile-first" or "content-first" and start thinking context-first. If you're not starting with the context of your buyers along their path to purchase, how can you begin to develop mobile strategies or create compelling content? How can you expect to truly develop any marketing strategy? It's time to think context-first.

So do you agree? In what ways are you using context to drive your marketing strategies?

#contentmarketing   #marketing   #marketingtips   #contextfirst  

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Is 2015 the Year Shark Week Loses Its Bite?

Shark Week appears tonight. I pulled together some data to see if this year would be as ridiculous as the previous few years. Check out what I discovered.

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