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I recently went to a market fair and picked up business cards while browsing. When I got home, I reviewed the stack of business cards and corresponding websites. Two of the business cards were sturdy and professional, and not surprisingly, so were the websites. It was apparent that these business owners are focused on driving sales.

Conversely, the other business cards were flimsy - some were obviously printed from a personal printer. What else? The websites were equally lacking.

I understand that for many people at a market fair, their art is a hobby. But what if their hobby could be their full-time business? For many, it is possible. These were the products I liked the most; but I don't like to make hasty purchasing decisions. I'm more likely to buy something online a few days later. If that's not possible online, how will I make a purchase?

If you have the time and money to get a booth at a market fair, consider the presentation of your website and business cards. Combined, the cost of a PROFESSIONAL business (e-commerce) website and business card can cost less than your booth fee. and offer high quality business cards at an unbeatable cost... it's cheaper than printing it from your personal computer when you include the cost of card stock. And there are many options for an affordable, professional website, including hiring us! Let's talk about it!
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