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Get noticed on Google+ quick ...
This should give you a bit of a head start, if you are a "Goobie" (G+ newbie).

Many old hands here won't agree with this post. They will tell you, if you want to be successful here at #GooglePlus  you have to grow your follower ship organically (slowly). Write good content and people will notice you. And the old hands are right. They will notice you. Maybe in a years time or so and by then you'll have fallen into the #GhostTown  hole and given up. If I've created the illusion that I have the secret to instant G+ fame, I apologise, because I don't. Just like with all my How I ... posts ( #jghowi ) I can only tell you what I did, to get some interaction out of the platform straight away. Everything else builds up on that.

How I got almost instant interaction on G+ ...
The post will be divided into sections as follows:
Google+ is not Facebook | I created an interesting Profile | I wrote some posts | I added shared circles | I interacted, interacted, interacted

Google+ is not Facebook ...
We have a saying here. "On Facebook you find old friends, here you make knew ones (based on your interests)". Chances are, you won't find many of your RL friends here, but on G+ you develop wonderful, deep relationships with birds-of-a-feather. Of course you need to start somewhere. You need to find those like minded peeps and they need to know you're here. This is how I made that happen.

I created an interesting Profile ...
That was my first step. And probably the most important one.

➢ Don't be a Bluehead. Blueheads are those who can't even be bothered to add a profile picture, but are happy with the blue default image. Many here (and usually the more interesting ones) won't circle you if you can't even make that effort.

➢ I chose a cover image. That's the big picture at the top of our profiles. You can use a photograph, a drawing or painting, even an animated GIF. The more personal, the more the cover image tells a story about you, the better.

➢ I filled in the About section of my profile page. I made it as interesting as I possibly could (I'm not much of a writer). I knew most plussers will check out my About section before they add me.

▸ The tagline should give people a good first impression of what I'm all about. 
▸ I tell people about my interests and hobbies. You might even want to tell them what circles to put you in. The more information you enter here the better peeps will know how to categorise (circle) you.
▸ I filled in Education (so old school mates can find you) and Occupation and Employment (though I'm in between jobs right now). This is particularly important if you plan to use G+ in some professional way.

All this and additional information, like contact info, links, etc. can be made publicly visible or you can choose who can see them. I made visible what I thought appropriate, always having my safety on the web in mind.

I wrote some posts ...
Nothing is worse than an empty About page, but an empty profile stream comes in a close second. I did it wrong then, because I didn't know any better, but I recommend, you write at least 5-6 posts before you start filling your circles. This way, anybody who checks out your profile sees some activity and finds out what he can expect from you in the future. Give it all you got. Hey, I'm new here posts just won't cut it. I write what I'm passionate about. Show those who check out your profile that you know what you are talking about and that you love it. Be yourself, don't try to impress anybody.

I added shared circles ...
I went and found shared circles of people with my interests. I used the Google+ Search by entering "shared circle [my interest]" and I found this excellent directory ( by +Chris Porter to find those I needed. The directory is categorised by interests and made it really easy for me to find plussers who shared my interests. I added those circles as a whole. I filled my circles up to the limit of 5.000! The more the better. I started weeding out the chaff later. 

Here a few little extras I didn't have access to in those days. Add this Interactor circle by +Tom Rolfson ( These are people who like to engage and interact and will help you fill your comment sections. You can also find people with the same interests here: .

I interacted, interacted, interacted ...
That's key here at G+. The more I interacted with others the more I caught their attention and they circled me back. I can't emphasise that enough! +1, comment on and (most importantly) share posts of those you have circled! I made them notice me. That got me interaction on my posts and (after a while) got me into shared circles. That is when the followers started flowing in.

Let me repeat that again: Interact, interact, interact! +1, comment on and (most importantly) share posts of those you have circled!

People here love interaction (don't you?). I could hardly expect the old hands here to interact with me, if I wouldn't interact with them first, now could I? Nowadays my whole circle system is built on interaction (read more here: How I use the Interaction Ladder for my circle system ...  -

I was all set. As you can see, it involves a bit of work to get noticed here. A good profile, a few good posts, and loads of interaction got me a long way. All beginnings are difficult, but if you give this a try you'll quickly find that plussers are very responsive and will soon reward your efforts. Have a great time here at G+ and enjoy yourself. Take it easy and go with the flow. Find some more info for Goobies in this post of mine (Welcome to Google+ ... - If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. You will soon find your way into my circles too, if you interact.

Thank you very much for reading through my ramblings. I hope you found something useful in them. Leave a comment with your take on it and please share this post with all your followers!, even if you are an old hand. There are those amongst your followers, who can do with the information. 

+Jens Graikowski

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