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Just about everyone I've known who has made the mistake of getting a Windows Phone has been very eager to trade up to Android or iPhone. This includes myself.

I found out that the Google+ app on my phone is using a lot of my data allotment, and I hardly even use it. Also, it shows me a notification whenever someone posts something. And when I clear that notification, it comes right back seconds later. Guess what, you intrusive and buggy Google+ app...YOU'RE DISABLED!

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Started using this keyboard on my phone

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I have posted my comparison of the Galaxy S5 vs. the iPhone 5S. You can find it here:

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Android 4.3 about to take effect on my Galaxy S4! Thanks for pushing out the updates, Samsung! #betterthaniphone 

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It doesn't look any bigger. I think some Apple loyalists are going to be disappointed, and move to Samsung or other Android phones. I've already talked to a few.
Supposed iPhone 5S Box Depicting Redesigned Home Button Leaked?
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Can you say "Facebook Flop Phone"? I am ashamed to admit that I tried the Facebook Home software on my phone, and took it off after just 4 hours!
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