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I'm just gonna leave this right here...

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I have never heard these accusations, and they're fairly recent.  I wouldn't be shocked, men in power seem to abuse it often, especially with regards to women.  Remember, rape isn't about sexual desire, but about exerting power. #twibdocket  

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So fucking mad about this.  And I really need to know why we allow male guards at women's prisons?

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This Rolling Stone expose has me swearing off anything but farmer's market meat.   #twibdocket  

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I hate everything and everyone.

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In New Orleans news, police officer David Warren was found not guilty in the murder of civilian Henry Glover in the days following the federal levee failures.  Glover's mother had to be carried out of the courtroom.

There's a pretty good summary of the events surrounding this murder on wikipedia, but it basically goes like this:
*Police commandeered a mall
*Glover went to said mall seeking baby clothes
*Was deemed a threat by Warren, a rookie, who shot him in the chest with a rifle
*Glover's brother and a neighbor came to his aid and took him to seek medical attention at a nearby school that had been commandeered by SWAT.
*It's alleged that SWAT handcuffed and beat Glover's brother and neighbor while Glover bled to death in the car
*The car and Glover were found 5 days later burned to a crisp.
*It took years for officers to be charged, but in March 2011 Warren and the officer who set the body on fire were convicted during the same trial for manslaughter and obstruction of justice, respectively.
*December of last year the convictions were overturned, partly because it was determined that they should've been charged separately.  New trials were ordered.
*Warren was just found not guilty.

Only white life is valued.

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"“He would have to have some ownership rights to the property in order to have standing with this case,” real estate attorney John Yonas said.

WLWT asked Yonas to take a look at the documents Carr filed in his quiet title action.

“In order for him to basically get squatters rights in Ohio, he would have to follow the adverse possession standard, which is 21 years,” Yonas said.

Those documents would show that for 21 years, he has exclusively and continuously occupied a home."

What the hell is he thinking?  Watch the video from the original source, he is a character.   Squatting can work, I know someone who did that in Jersey, but he didn't have to live in the place for 21 years.  I don't believe it when he says that he's nearing the end of the term on his first house.  I don't think the article says how long the family was away, but I can't imagine it was long enough for him to have a claim.

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Me, catching up on a backlog of #twib.


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This story is a month old, and I can't believe that I didn't share it here when I first read it.  ProPublica covered this on their website and podcast.  People, if you can call them that, are giving away adopted children who they "can't handle".  To strangers on the internet.  Inevitably, sometimes bad things happen to said children, like DISAPPEARING.

Like...they're using the term "rehoming", which was originally used when people give away animals that they've adopted.  I'm not surprised that this happens the most with international children.  They're not seen as fully human, and obviously, not fully their child.  

As someone who wants to adopt as many children as I can care for (not all at the same time, though), this story personally fills me with anger and sadness for those kids.  You're supposed to love an adopted child as though they were your own.  People don't (or very rarely) give away the troubled biological children that they have.  These people aren't fit to raise a goldfish.

Here's a link to the full investigation report:

I hope +L. Joy Williams and/or +Elon James White can cover this!
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