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Jim Worthersky
Nice guy who is trying to be prepared and survive anything.
Nice guy who is trying to be prepared and survive anything.

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This will help me and my family to be prepared for any crisis. I think you should do the same. #Preparedness #Tips #Guide #System
Hey everyone, do your family know what to do, how to behave and where to go in case of an emergency? If not then consider obtaining some guide like the one created by Frank Mitchell. #Expert #System #Review #Price

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Hey everyone, what do you think about these knives? Which one should I buy?
#Article #Best #Survival #Knives
Do you want to know what are best 10 knives for wilderness survival that you should invest in? Then read the article below.
#Knife #Knives #Best #Wilderness

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Hello everyone. Do you think that such bags and kits are necessary?
#SurvivalBackpack #Question #Preppers
Hey, do you have your bug out bag ready at home? If not then you need to check out this article and create one for yourself.
#SurvivalKit #BugOutBag #Emergency #Tips

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Hey guys, what do you think about this list of stuff for surviving zombie apocalypse? Do you think it is good and what would you add to it?
#Zombies #Apocalypse #Tips
How long do you think you would last during zombie apocalypse? What stuff you would wanted to have with you in such situation?
#Zombie #Apocalypse #Kit #Survival

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Here is list of features a good survival knife should have. I have not known some of these until know.
#Features #Advice #SurvivalKnife
Everyone who is going to woods can occur in some really critical situation when he or she will need to have proper survival knife. However, many people rely on knives that are not the best choices.

Therefore I am providing you in this article with list of features to look for while choosing the best survival knife that will reliably serve its purpose.
#SurvivalKnife #Outdoors #Best #Knife #Tips

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I got this Firesteel not a long time ago and I have to say that I am really happy with my purchase!
#Happy #Review #Firesteel #StartingFire #Tool
Did you know that Swedish Fire Steel belongs to the most reliable and most durable commercial fire starters on the current market? You can read more about this product, its advantages as well as disadvantages in this article. #SwedishFiresteel #Sparks #FireStarter #Review #Tips

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If you know these, then your chance of surviving in the wilderness rise. Although it is never guaranteed.
#SurvivalSkills #WaterLocation #BuildingFire #Traps #List
Hey everyone. After holidays I have managed to provide you with first version of my article dealing with top skills you need for your survival in wilderness. I know it is not the best but I will try to make it better gradually. I hope you will help me by providing your feedback and ideas in the comment section.
#SurvivalSkills #Best #Crafts #Wilderness

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Here is good info on one of the most important survival technique - starting fire without matches.
#Skill #StartingFire #Techniques
Just imagine that you are lost in forest, and have forgotten your matches or lighter at your home or camp. How would you start a fire to keep yourself warm during night? Well here are several methods that could really save your life in that situation. Just read this article.
#StartingFire #NoMatches #HowTo #Methods #Skill

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Do you like to create bracelets from rope or any other material? Then why not to create a paracord survival bracelet of your own thanks to these simple instructions and patterns.
Due to the fact that not everyone wants to actually spend money on parachute cord bracelets, I have created for you simple step by step guide with instructions how to make one for yourself with sources to additional patterns you could try. I hope you will like it.
#Instructions #HowTo #Survival #Bracelet #Survingoo #Patterns

Stay prepared,

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Although paracord bracelet looks very simple, its uses and potential in cases of emergencies are often underestimated.
Hey everyone. It feels great to share with you my very first post from Inside, I am trying to point out main points to consider while choosing the best survival bracelet as well as few of the best brands I have found on the internet.
#Paracord #Bracelet #Best #Tips #Survingoo

Stay prepared,
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