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When I saw this on Kick-starter, I signed up on the spot. While I don't mind buying my 4 yr old daughter dolls and whatnot, I also want her to experience other stuff as well. Can't wait to see what she thinks about it.
Well I dont be an ass but Barbie is not that bad example, seriously she has a lot of professions in this age..

Anyway I think this is a neat idea..
What's wrong with barbie she's every man's dream she can be anything you want her to be like #$%^&*.
OK, but it seems to me a girl with a disposition to become an engineer would be happy with Lego, Knex and Tinkertoys, which are already available.
I'm just not seeing the value in gender specific toys. Or rather, maybe I am...
Just get her a Venus of the willendorf replica 
This is wonderful! I'd buy this for my girls. Let us know when you reach your number, I want to be at the front of the line! 
This is awesome... I so want this to my girl.
Billy, will you play with her?
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