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programmer of neat stuff

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This is a demo of our FLIR hackathon entry: Nurse Therma! Detect cancer early with super heat vision!

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Blogged some code for creating indexed and grayscale PNGs on Android!

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Fun new puzzle battler with cute 2D animated art!

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Come see awesome wearable and medical tech at Wearable World tomorrow!
Check out The Rise of the Smart Pill on Eventbrite! And see +Ethan Bresnick​ share his technology in medical and part of #davemartinezventure team

Date: Thu, Nov 13

Location: Wearable World , 600 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94107

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Just blogged solving a situation where Chrome started showing mysterious ads on sites where they didn't belong:
#chrome   #malware   #malwareremoval  

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Awesome app by a friend teaching at the CodePath Android event tonight! #android  

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Wrist Radar - My Galaxy Gear Challenge entry 

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LingJing - Zero Border - Fun hand painting Google Glass app for InnoSpring hackathon
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