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That's nice to know lol... am I special, or is everyone getting this? :D


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[NSFW] Trinity of Awesome Returns
9 days to go and funded...

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Nice Endzeitgeist review of Slaves of Tsathoggua
(part of Trinity of Awesome +1)

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FREE Sample PDF of an extract from The Midderlands - An OSR mini-setting and bestiary (currently in layout stage).

I give you the Lesser Havenland Night Goblin monster, NPC and race-class.

Link to PDF:

Want to see more? Follows the G+ collection here:

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Reposting this... because it amuses me to do so.

MegaStation Streamliner v92 Windshield
Trans-Space Systems Corporation Sandstorm Alpha Particle thruster
Scrote-Jet Fist v9 Solid fuel boosters
Startrak Deathfist ZR-10 Air intake
Buttcorp Lo-Temp v6 Wheel rims
Federation Sandstorm Trial Gas injection system
Wangi Deathfist v9 Hood ornament
Startrak Intimidator v9 Hood ornament
Power-Rage Inc Velocity RZ-4 Hood ornament
Excalibur Prizm v9 Air intake
X-Thulu Beast Series 8000 Fuel storage container
TechDream Fist Series 8000 Fire extinguisher system
Startrak Crossfire RZ-4 Heads-up display (HUD)
Excalibur Lubricator v92 Ultra tyres
Scrote-Jet Firestorm v4 Hood ornament
Startrak Prizm v7 Hood ornament
X-Thulu Tentacler Test Windshield
Buttcorp Agitator Series 8000 Engine
X-Thulu Streamliner v3 Hood ornament
Trans-Space Systems Corporation V-Room Trial Fuel injector
Scrote-Jet Firestorm Trial Windshield
Buttcorp Prizm XXX Air intake
Scrote-Jet Velocity v9 Weapon system
Scrote-Jet Velocity Test Carburettor

Printer-friendly version here:

Excel generator here:

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Just read a review of Ghost Ship of the Desert Dunes for AS&SH over at Multiverse;

Having created the maps and layout element mentioned below, I am very pleased indeed by this :)

"Looking at the cover and all of the artwork in the book seems to enlighten me on some of the infinite struggles of Hyperborea. You can see Vikings fighting flying simian creatures as well as fortresses on cliffs in complete ruin. The artwork is beautiful in its own right and makes a great way to show your players where they are in relation to things, as well as make better on descriptive events. Each map looks almost 100% hand-drawn for that “my friend wrote this” feel. I love that. I have personally drawn plenty of maps for my games with friends and love the feel of those kind of maps. It really shows their love for this game. I look forward to seeing other artwork and maps drawn by this team.

The layout of the module book allows the DM to easily navigate and leave off from session to session. The appendices in the back are concise and give the DM the information he/she may need throughout the adventure. Each page has a very nice design with corner artwork to clearly define the page area and give it a very Hyborian look. It’s a pike with a viper wrapped around it onto a sword at a 90-degree angle. It’s very eye-grabbing."

Wait till you get a load of AS&SH 2E... :P

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Venger is looking for some info from players of RPGs... help him out here.

Text of the post copied here...
"I'm writing a new thing about RPG players.

1) What kinds of players and PCs are hard for GMs to deal with?

2) What sort of things players and PCs do that irritates/annoys GMs?

3) What sort of things players and PCs do that make the GM's job easier and the game better?

4) As a player, can you think of a time that you played your character badly, ineffectively, or you just weren't getting enough out of the experience?

5) Is there any kind of game aid or advice that would help players play their characters better, more effectively, or would lead to more fun?

6) Can you think of issues that keep the players and GM from being on the same page?

7) Is being an OSR player better, worse, or different than being another kind of player (story-game, contemporary, etc.)?

8) Do you know any player tips, tricks, or techniques for getting the GM to do what you want?

9) Aside from Paranoia, does anyone get anything out of player versus player?

10) As a player, is there anything you'd like to get off your chest?

11) Playing in convention games versus regular home games versus one-shots?

12) Anything that could help players out, I'd like to include. If you want to relate an entire story, that would be awesome. Hooray for crowd-sourcing!

p.s. I'll give credit in the article to those who helped improved it."

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