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Lab Report Alternatives: Clever Ideas to Cut Down Your Marking!
If you’re a science teacher, I’m sure you’ve been there: sitting at your desk with a stack of lab reports taller than the coffee mug you’d need to refill ten times before getting all of that marking done.  Let’s try to avoid that and explore some other opti...

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Secondary Science Giveaway: Back to School 2016
When students ask me, "what is your favorite holiday" I wish I could say, "Back to School!"  Though it's not an official holiday, it is a time to celebrate.  I will be on maternity leave this year, with Brosseau Sprout 2.0, but that's not stopping the party...

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Why Physicists Should Build Catapults
I can never contain my excitement for anything really - but catapult launch day is one of my favorite days in Physics class!  There is always so much buzz about it in the class and in the halls. Check out the free, editable resource that includes the projec...

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How to Teach Scientific Vocabulary
How many times have you evaluated a sample of student's work and seen the words "stuff" or "things".  Do you let it slide or do you address the issue? I hope you address this - imagine how using those words would go over when defending a thesis?! I'm here t...

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SUPER Secondary Science Giveaway!
Whether you already have the back-to-school blues or cannot wait to get back in front of a group of teenage scientists YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT!   Myself, along with my Secondary Science friends are hosting a back to school giveaway.  Each one of use is o...

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High-Impact Scientific Inquiry Experiment Ideas for the Secondary Class
If you haven't started working with Scientific Inquiry you are missing out!  Bye-bye cookie-cutter labs!  Hello independent and creative thinking!  Here are some of my favorite inquiry-based labs to start off the school year. Borax Bouncy Balls This one is ...

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Competent and Confident
“Are you competent and are you confident?”  That’s how you know you’ve mastered the
skill. Mrs. Marty was my Technological Design teacher in Grades
10-12.  She truly was a phenomenal
teacher with so many great traits.  I was
instantly intrigued when she beg...

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BIG Back to School SALE!
We love back to school time here in secondary! Join us to celebrate with the TpT Sale, August 3rd - 4th and get those lessons you need for up to 28% off! Check out the top secondary teachers below for some great deals on top lessons! Mrs. Brosseau's Binder ...

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New Design
Check out my new blog design!  Danielle at Crayonbox Designs did a phenomenal job!  Check out her stuff here:  I haven't posted much recently because Brosseau Sprout isn't napping so great anymore and any free time ...

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Teachers Are Heroes Sale!
My favourite secondary teachers and I have teamed up to fight those long prep hours!  Come visit our TpT stores on Wdnesday, February 25th 2015 to receive up to 28% off some phenomenal resources! Mrs. Brosseau's Binder  - That's me! Danielle Knight (Study A...
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