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Perfection Is An Illusion
Perfection Is An Illusion
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New ZUMBA Song...It's HOT! lol...if you could see the dance I mean..I love the song too.

Oh Im sorry "die-hard" Giants fans. I didn't realize I had to watch every single one of the regular Giants games in order to root for them the past couple games and watch them on Super Bowl Sunday. If you're really worried about there being more Giants fans now because "they won" then you need a life. I wasn't aware they're "YOUR TEAM"... Suck it retards

Unleashed a couple new songs in Zumba last night and man it was fun! I have left over energy today feels great, even before my coffee lol.

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Homemade Skinny Vanilla Latte..Saving Buxx

Im addicted to Zumba and salsa merengue dancing ..I CAN'T STOP!!!!!

My intake of sodium today has surpassed my needs..I am retaining water already...So I am Salsa dancing in my basement with a sweatshirt and knit hat on...I hope this works.

Man I haven't bene on google + in a hot minute... Am I the only person working Friday?
And why the fuck did everyone wait till last minute tonight to go to the bank, food store and are driving around aimlessly acting like they have half a brain..I hate NJ traffic and the retards in it.

Don't you hate in your dreams its very hard to shoot shit..even with a machine gun!

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basically...Daylight savings time should be shot

just made the worst concoction ever...ham prove mayo spicy must + honey must n lettuce...eww least its on wheat...oh yeah pickles on top
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