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The Cloudcast #289 - "Enabling Voice-First Ecosystems" with @linaresa & @Terren_in_VA

Aaron talks with Alex Linares (@linaresa, Co-founder & CPO, @VoiceLabsCo) and Terren Peterson (@Terren_in_VA, Alexa Dev Champ, @CapitalOne) about the emerging voice operating system market, driven by products like Amazon Echo/Alexa and Google Assistance, as well as the range of applications and data analysis being built upon these platforms.

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The ServerlessCast #2 - “Kubeless” - Serverless Framework for Kubernetes with @sebgoa Founder of @skippbox

Brian talks with Sebastien Goasguen (@sebgoa, Founder @skippbox)about his experience with containers, the focus of Skippbox, market demand for serverless, the architecture of Kubeless, and how the emerging serverless+kubernetes projects need to evolve.

The Cloudcast #287 - “Venture Capital & the Cloud Native Landscape” with Scott Raney (@sraney), General Partner @redpointvc -

Aaron and Brian talk with RedPoint Ventures (Scott Raney (@sraney) General Partner at RedPoint Venture Capital (@redpointvc)) about the evolving role of Venture Capital, the Cloud Native Landscape, open source business models, how to many rapid change, and competing / partnering with AWS.

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“Why Boycott Containers? Remain Calm!” -

“The ServerlessCast #1 - Project Fission” with @madhuramaskasky from @Platform9Sys-

Brian talks with Madhura Maskasky (@MadhuraMaskasky; Founder/VP of Product @platform9sys) about managing distributed cloud platforms, the evolution from OpenStack to Kubernetes in the market, the demand for Serverless capabilities, Project Fission and the use-cases for Serverless.

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The Cloudcast #286 - “Balancing Monolithic Apps and Microservices” with @burrsutter from @RedHatNews- #DevOps

Brian talks with Burr Sutter (@burrsutter, Director of Developer Experience @RedHatNews) about the Java application community, how companies are managing their existing applications, how they can ship updates faster and with better quality, and the evolution of microservices in the Java world.

The Cloudcast #285 - “Automation, DevOps & Reddit” with @jedelman8 and @Mierdin

Aaron and Brian talk with Jason Edelman (@jedelman8, Founder @networktocode), and Matt Oswalt (@mierdin, Software Engineer @stackstorm) about the state of automation in the industry, how people are evolving their skills, if any of this DevOps is real, and what’s it’s like to be Internet Famous for a day.

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