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The Alchemist, New York Street
Let's start with a confession. I don't really like The Alchemist. I don't imagine I'm alone in this view. In fact, the thought of giving my patronage to any of Living Venture's establishments rarely crosses my mind. If that sounds harsh, I don't mean it to ...

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Nick Griffin: A Far-right Foodie
An overlooked culinary genius? As a food blogger, I feel it's my job to like food. And I do. But I'm not sure I'd claim that food is an effective cure for the side effects of bad government. Yet that is precisely what bankrupt BNP leader Nick Griffin does i...

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Recipe: Perfect Fried Chicken
Making fried chicken  should  be a simple activity: take jointed chicken, dip in some kind of binding agent (milk, buttermilk, egg or plain water), dredge in seasoned flour, then fry in fat. But, in the pursuit of an idealised version, there are always plen...
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