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Small town Romania
I never write here any more, I guess I've run out of things to say, but from time to time I guess events still have the power to rouse me from my apathy... So, here's the story... I am involved in an interesting and useful EU funded project which has the ai...

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A "terrorist sympathiser" writes
397 British MPs are so desperate to be seen to be doing something that they have decided to see how many innocent people they can kill in response to innocent people being killed. What's that Maslow quote again? "If the only tool you have is drones, every p...

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"Human Rights Fundamentalism": Orban makes it clear where he stands
I was away recently, and while I was away, Hungarian prime minister came to Tusnad (near where we now live) to make a speech at the annual "Tusvanyos" event.  This was the venue last year for the famous speech he made where he argued for illiberal democracy...

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Walls of Disappointment
Lumme. I haven't posted here since the day I made it clear that Victor Ponta would win the presidential election. What a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. I'm very familiar with being wrong, but in some cases I'm delighted to have been so...

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Why Romania is screwed
We are now firmly in the endgame of the presidential election, with Victor Ponta facing Klaus Iohannis. Regular readers of this bog will have a fairly good idea as to where my sympathies lie (or in fact where my hostilities lie). A video is circulating toda...

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Romania's Presidential Elections (2014 edition)
While the number of people in Romania continues to drop like a stone, the number of people who want to be the President of those who are left seems to be rising just as fast.  At some point at this rate there will be as many Presidential candidates as there...

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On pro- and anti-
Anyone who is connected to me on facebook will have noticed that of late my  updates have tended to be ones of support for the people of Gaza, and horror at the actions of the Israeli state. There seems to be a tendency to categorise all such comments (from...

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More collective punishment, more war crimes
There will come a time, in the not too distant future, when those who seek to justify Israel's destruction of Gaza will be looked upon as craven and disgraceful as those western communists who applauded when Soviet tanks rolled into Budapest in 1956. http:/...

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Testing my patience
So, I wrote last week about the important tests for 8th graders which go a long way to deciding their next 4
years. I mentioned then that I don’t believe in testing in general, because I think
it tends to favour those who are good at tests .  But I do see t...

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Day of the flag
Yesterday, I learned while watching the news, was "The Day of the Romanian Flag". WTF is that? There's also a day for the national anthem, and a day for the constitution.  I am not yet sure if there is a "National Day of the Romanian Penal Code" or "Nationa...
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