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You may find this useful if you're an avid user of Google+ for your business.
How Google Plus Profiles & Pages Gain Search Authority

Great read by +Mark Traphagen on how Google+ posts work in Google Search to help you tailor your SEO action plan:

We kind of saw it coming (Google+ positioning itself as the go-to social channel). What do you think it's next? Google+ as an official ranking factor in SERPs?

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Audience Matters

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Should Your Company Give Clients 30 Days To Pay Invoices?
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Do you find this as annoying as we do?
Marketers voted Viral Facebook Posts as the Most Maddening Social Behavior - why is this the most annoying? Let us know and we'll include our favorite responses in a blog post! 
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Audience Matters

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Do you make any of these common mistakes with Google+?
Here are five of the most common mistakes users make on Google Plus—and how you can avoid them.
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If I make a mistake it is never "common"!
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Your website. It's the first place your prospective clients go to learn about you. Is yours on point? Start off your New Year more profitably by building or rebranding your website. Let us help.
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Audience Matters

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Create Content Like a Boss and You'll Increase Your Revenue Like a Big Dawg | The Web Marketing Tip Sheet
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Audience Matters

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Do teens still think Facebook is cool? Facebook would like you think so.
Facebook wants you to believe that teens still think it's cool:
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Here's something we've written about as well: the importance of social media to SEO strategy.
Here is the awesome info on the new SEO and Social media.

let us know your thoughts. for more info about social media :
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We're about excellence with our clients. What does excellence mean to you?
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When Your Audience Matters to You, Your Message Matters to Them
Audience Matters, Inc.creates customized, audience-driven social media marketing, digital publicity and content development strategies that get real results fast--usually in 90 days. We're fanatics about social media, digital publicity and social editorial content development strategy and deployment. We're also passionate about helping our clients amplify their voice in the marketplace in a manner that drives profits, engagement and credibility. 

Because the principal is an award-winning journalist, we can apply our masterful storytelling ability and social media marketing fervor to help you convey your unique message to your target audience by effectively leveraging new media platforms, tools and traditional and digital marketing strategies to achieve your messaging objectives. 

With over a decade of social media and online marketing experience, we help you make sense of the new media landscape (while incorporating traditional media into the mix) and craft audience-driven messages that encourage target market connection and engagement and, of course, those all important "buy, donate, call and/or refer" response.

Some Professional Highlights:

★ Principal is award-winning former journalist with outstanding content writing abilities.
★ Principal has been using social media since 1992.
★ Launched her first social media community in 1998.
★ Used social media to become an international journalist in 1998.
★ Principal helps clients become internationally recognized experts with audience drive custom social media marketing, digital and traditional publicity and content development strategies
★ Recognized for proven publicity strategies to increase audience share rapidly and drive ticket sales for events.

Clients include:

★ Professional Services Providers (Lawyers, Physicians, Accountants, Insurance Agencies, Registered Investment Advisors)
★ Established Consultants
★ Political Candidates
★ SMEs & Corporations
★ Retailers

Visit for more information.


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★ Social Media Agency
★ Social Media Coaching
★ Digital Publicity Agency
★ Social Web Branding
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