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PREFACE. A Dance of the Seven Veils: The Secret Life of Stones, Womb with a View, Cells with a View, Overview … the Quest for Our “Original Face”

“When the Veils across perception are pulled to the side, everything appears as it is … infinite.”

“Our earliest experiences form, they create, our prejudices about Reality. So what would we see, what Reality would reveal itself, with those constraints pulled to the side?”

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““A Blessing for You … To Choose or Refuse”: The Prasads, Complete and by Themselves,” from Planetmates: The Great Reveal by Michael Adzema…

plus FREE BOOK, Planetmates: The Great Reveal, Now thru Sunday February 12th

Read the entire chapter, link to free book at

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“Funny God: The Cosmic Overstanding,” Chapter 33…

… plus FREE BOOK, Planetmates: The Great Reveal, Wednesday, February 8th thru Sunday February 12th, 2017

“Since we are immortal ... “are all aspects of … a One Experience, which has no beginning or end and which only changes and transforms … [one might wonder] why we should at all be concerned with this dying off of life on our planet. One might … cop a pseudo-spiritual … stance to bolster one’s … denial and complacency and might feel my work supports such apathy, such cowardice. That is hardly the case….””

“God is funny, because we’re fallible, we’re funny, and God is us. God is funny, because we as God are pathetic, dramatic, foolish, forgetful of our true nature as Divinity, and more.”

“Yes, we are ultimately God, but damn we’re funny as humans!”

“We are not separate trying to get to heaven. We are not separate, trying to get to God. We are part of … God. God is the All That Is, and we are part of that.”

“…in the game of life, we have to forget that we know it all. We have to keep out of our mind, while playing, that there actually is no duality, there is no I and them, there is no time, that everyone is One and all time is Now and all awareness is within us.”

“...enjoying, despite all we have been told, is the essence of God, is our true essence, and is the only reason for existing and for Existence Itself.”

“God is funny, also, because we as God do a ‘funny’ thing in creating life. We turn ourselves into beings who, especially human beings, forget who they are in order to make infinite stories and thereby glorify existence.”

“All of life is just experience. And that experience overlaps with other people.... All of us together is just one infinitely large ‘ball’ of Experience. Yet we think we are separate.”

“Funny God is about us … about the fact that we leave the Godhead … for the fun of it. And why? Because it makes the whole even grander, more glorious.... So we forget, so as to create Experience, as well as to manifest this incredible infinite variety of experience, which is God’s grandeur.”

“…the thing that we share with the Divine is *laughter*…. We, as God, but thinking we are human, are constantly goofing on ourselves, forever playing this game of Divine peek-a-boo.”

“Sometimes we can even acknowledge that if it had been us creating a plan to get us ... to learn and become what we needed to, we might ourselves have chosen those same events for ourselves. (We did, by the way.) We see a pattern in our lives that is meaningful. Indeed, we see it all as perfect.”

“...does that make it, like, it doesn’t matter if the life on Earth goes away? Like, there is no death, so what’s the problem?... Noooo. Because ... our immortal and Divine self, interwoven as it is with our deeper human nature, is also our compassionate self. It is love. And of course as love we don’t want suffering.... Since we don’t want suffering, death is still not a good thing because it’s a painful thing.”

“ aid us in making the right decision, we have our deeper human nature filling us with love and compassion.... With that in us, we cannot help but align ourselves with the forces on Earth working for life ... for stopping the out-of-control extinction. We are compelled to do everything in our power … now or never.”

“…we have been taught that human nature is riddled with aggression, competition, selfishness, even murder, and all kinds of other hunter-like and patriarchal qualities. However ... our actual human nature ... brims with love, is cooperative, self-sacrificing, empathetic of others, and Divinely beautiful. And that’s linked in with the necessary hero.”

“We are going into a stage in history ... where there will be heroic people who are going to do incredible things and make a grand story.... Or else we’re not....”

“People like you, you wounded deer, you centaurs, are going to reconnect with your deepest and most beautiful human nature and be redeemed and freed from conflict and petty strife.... Together we are going to be lifted up into the grandest and most fulfilling cause this world has ever seen.”

Read the entire chapter, link to free book at

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“Prenatal Irritation-Revulsion: Creeped Out in the Womb,” Chapter 18 …

plus FREE BOOK, Wounded Deer and Centaurs: The Necessary Hero and the Prenatal Matrix of Human Events Right now thru February 5th, 2017

Prenatal Irritation-Revulsion: Creeped Out in the Womb

Ewww! Prenatal Irritation, Revulsion … Toxic Environment, … Prenatal Irritation-Revulsion and Connections to Touch, Sexual Abuse, and Boys’ “Creepy” Behavior

Prenatal Revulsion and Loss of the “Golden Age”: Creeped Out in the Womb, The Itches We Cannot Scratch, and the Deepest Roots of OCD, Bigotry, and Holocaust

“[For the fetus,] there is the feeling awareness that this situation is different from, is a deterioration of, the ‘golden age’ of well-being and exquisite functioning of systems that was experienced earlier in (womb) life.”

Imprinted to Tattoo, Body Pierce, and Sun-Bathe in Prenatal Irritation-Revulsion]

Why We Tattoo, Sun-Bathe, Hate Hippies and Immigrants and Jews, and Obsessively Clean Our Homes: The Roots of the Tea Party and Nazi Narratives of Loss of a Golden Age in Prenatal Irritation-Revulsion

The Itch We Cannot Scratch Why Humans Are the Only Species That Burns, Inks, and Mortifies Their Skin … Prenatal Imprints for Tattooing, Sun Bathing, and Body Adornment

“Don’t Bug Me!” … Culture Wars, Hating Hippies, and Having Obsessively Clean Homes, But Tolerating Pollution — Prenatal Irritation/Revulsion

“I believe these kinds of phobias [insects, germs, dirt] are rooted in this trauma of being irritated in the womb. For it is an uncomfortable situation that went on for an incredibly long time for an extremely young human (a fetus) who had little, if any, sense of time and so of the possible ending of discomfort.”

Prenatal Irritation/Revulsion Imprints Us for Intolerance of Others, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, and Super-Tidy Homes … “Don’t Bug Me!”

“Get Away From Me, Bum!” … Replaying a Prenatal Narrative, We Create “Filthy” Others and Blame Them for Loss of Our “Golden Age.”

“While we expend our energy fighting reflections of our pain, in the form of other people we create to hate, we create the conditions that will keep us feeling the way we do.”

“This prenatal mind has us seeing everything through the fetal narrative: Once upon a time ... everyone was happy; we were strong (BPM I). But then ... our surroundings became increasingly filled with strange and alien others at the same time as we felt less free and more unhappy....”

“[Conservatives] see liberals, ‘bleeding hearts,’ hippies, immigrants, and minorities as responsible for preventing a return to that truly mythical golden age. So, these elements are scapegoated for the crimes of the 1%.”

Ewww! Prenatal Irritation, Revulsion … Toxic Environment … Prenatal Irritation-Revulsion and Connections to Touch, Sexual Abuse, and Boys’ “Creepy” Behavior

“Get Away from Me, Riff-Raff … Hippie … Scum … Jew … Homo”: Prenatal Irritation-Revulsion Has Us Invent Scapegoats for Loss of Our “Golden Age”

“ comes down to the world being divided into filthy and disgusting things who want our resources (oxygen) and our pure white threatened selves.... This is bottom line our feelings of fetal malnutrition.”

Read the entire chapter, link to free book at

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“Prenatal Hunger Games: Oxygen Starvation and Class War,” Chapter 16 …

plus FREE BOOK, Wounded Deer and Centaurs: The Necessary Hero and the Prenatal Matrix of Human Events Right now thru February 5th, 2017

Prenatal Hunger Games: Oxygen Starvation and Class War

Read the entire chapter, link to free book at

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“Prenatal Imprints of Our Unnatural Self,” Chapter 12 …

plus FREE BOOK, Wounded Deer and Centaurs: The Necessary Hero and the Prenatal Matrix of Human Events Today, February 1st, 2017, thru February 5th, 2017

Chapter 12 — Prenatal Imprints of Our Unnatural Self: Four Earliest Roots of War, Bigotry, Capitalism, and Pollution

Read, download the entire chapter, link to free book at

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“Necessary Heroes, Humanicide, and the Prenatal Matrix,” Chapter 1 …

plus FREE BOOK, Wounded Deer and Centaurs: The Necessary Hero and the Prenatal Matrix of Human Events February 1st 2017 thru February 5th, 2017

Apocalypse … Sacrifice … the Roots of Evil … Wounded Deer and Centaurs

This book, Wounded Deer and Centaurs, confronts a situation in current times where we are on the brink of an apocalypse of unimaginable dimensions. It is both ecocide and humanicide, this apocalypse. By that I mean we are bringing about both a suicidal-style ending of humans on Earth, a humanicide, as well as are taking down with us all other life on this planet … we are committing an ecocide. Apocalypse might not even be the correct technical term for such an unimaginable atrocity as this eco-humanicide, but in truth there is no good word for what we are doing. For in labeling this eco-humanicide we would have to at least acknowledge it, and it is so beyond horrifying we cannot even come up with a term for it. But in this book we will not shrink from looking directly at it. But more.

For this impending apocalypse — this eco-humanicide — requires of those currently alive to sacrifice on a scale previously uncalled for to forestall the consequences of the actions of generations of ancestors. So, in addressing this most pressing concern of all time, this book brings mythological, ethical, and moral dimensions of sacrifice into currency in a way that has never been. This book deals with these elements of sacrifice; it shows where we have gone wrong; and it reveals where we could finally, after thousands of years of failure in righting the wrongs of evil, greed, injustice, war, and barbarity, finally, finally get it right.

For one thing we can now see the roots of the evil that lies within humanity. This book reveals that. We can finally understand those origins, finally see how and why they come into being within humanity … and within humanity, alone, of all species. And we find those discoveries of the causes of evil in humanity lie alongside the happy revelation that that evil within humanity is not part of our deepest humanity, so it is not inevitable that we act it out! Humanity can do better. And we need to!

Lastly this book unveils, also fortuitously, that there is a movement afoot in global humanity giving rise to individuals uniquely qualified, able, and willing to be the self-sacrificing ones — the self-sacrificing generations and “heroes” — which are required right now. So this book introduces these self-sacrificing personalities — these self-sacrificing chirons and centaurs, as I call them — these ones who, rather than act out the traumas and pain handed down for thousands of years of generations, instead say “Let it end with me.”....

Read the entire chapter, link to free book at

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“To Move the World—A Race Against Time,” Chapter 14 … plus FREE BOOK, *Wounded Deer and

Centaurs: The Necessary Hero and the Prenatal Matrix of Human Events* February 1st 2017 thru

February 5th, 2017

Apocalypse? Or Earth Rebirth?

The Evidence for Change Occurring

Finally it is time to answer the question posed by this book: Apocalypse? Or Earth rebirth?

Knowing apocalypse, we can now declare a hearty No! to apocalypse.

Our answer begins by pointing out that we have discovered, in this book, that there are things

that can be done to prevent our extinction and, on the contrary, bring in a new dawn of

harmonious cooperation with the forces of Nature. In the last five chapters we have seen that

there is evidence of a collective change in consciousness occurring. A radical change in our

attitudes to war, racism, the environment, and even spirituality — and thus to the very way we

live our lives — is manifesting in our culture, the youth of the world, our children, and is

even popping up in our collective dreams.

Natural Law

In addition we are aided by some fundamental processes of natural and cosmic law. In preceding

chapters I have pointed out how both our nature inside and Nature outside seem to be

conspiring to force us into the changes necessary. From this perspective we are in the hands

of natural law, and its homeostatic mechanisms may bring us into line in ways unimaginable,

beyond even the speculations I put forth in our attempt to see “through Gaia’s’ eyes” in

Chapter Seven.

Visible and Invisible Allies

Furthermore we may be aided by unseen forces and entities of which we know not and may be

incapable of knowing. Though I think it foolhardy to sit on our hands and hope that some

intergalactic or spiritual cavalry will arrive to save the day at the last moment. Still it is

eminently reasonable, considering the minuscule knowledge we have in relation to the immensity

of All That Is, to put aside our familiar hubris and at least consider the possibility of aid

from higher forces or entities.

Indeed, there are many people in this day and age who believe that particular forces have come

together at just this juncture in time to aid us and to ensure our success. Who knows why?

Perhaps it is because our interconnectedness with Everything requires that we not fail, for it

would have detrimental effects on things of which we do not know. I must confess that I myself

have received knowledge of such help being given us

Read the entire chapter, link to free book at
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