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Internet aficionado.


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Mostly an experiment in live hangouts. 

Hey folks -- I'm writing a piece about G+, and I'd like to know how you use Google+. Do you use it a lot? Has it replaced Facebook/Twitter for you? What do you use G+ for? What's your favorite/least favorite feature? 

Dear Google+, strangers should not have the ability to send me Hangout requests. Thanks. 

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Wow. I think Google just made me cry.

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Hi -- Can you tell me where you see this source code?

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If you want to hear my slightly nervous interview on the BBC World Service (!!!)

If you were listening to BBC radio this morning, you might've heard me talking about Google letting you create your own Street View experience.

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Photos from my trip to New York in November. 
New York in November (2013)
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Now that I have my shiny new custom URL... I still don't know what to use G+ for. Hmm. 

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Hey folks: Just thought I'd point out a couple stories this past week that I was particularly proud of:

My hands-on of the Anki Drive racing car game that uses robotics and machine learning:

My interview with Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson about the castAR augmented reality glasses:
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