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Dr Paul E Perito
Dr. Paul E. Perito is the man behind Perito Urology
Dr. Paul E. Perito is the man behind Perito Urology

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Dr. Paul Perito | Contrary to popular belief, erectile dysfunction is not just a physical disease.

Dr. Paul Perito – Known causes of erectile dysfunction: diabetes, smoking, obesity, radiation/prostate surgery, stress,depression

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Dr. Paul Perito | OTR’s pump system is thought by patients to be one of the easiest to use systems onthe market today.

Dr. Paul Perito – A man’s first ally in the fight against ED may be his primary care doctor.

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Perito Urology and Dr. Paul Perito are proud to partner with Coloplast, the manufacturer of the Titan OTR implant.

Dr. Paul Perito | Titan OTR (One Touch Release) features a newly redesigned lockout mechanism which prevents accidental inflation
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