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9:45PM cst - There is a know issue with alarm overlap, I am fixing it. It should be out by 15:00 CST 6/27/2015.

9:50PM cst - Make sure to turn off the degree symbol in UCCW settings.

10:05PM cst -  In Nova go to Desktop > Allow Widget Overlap and Overlap when Placing to place the logo over the main widget.

Hey guys, I know why you’re here… something in PipDroid broke. Well lucky for you I’ve got allllll the answers! So here’s a rolling FAQ that I will continuously update with things that need clarification.


Q: The wallpapers sections doesn’t work on my device, it won’t let me set them. How can I obtain them?

A: This is a problem in Android 5.0+. I’m not sure what made it do that, but you’ll have to manually download them from here:

Q: Can I get the .uzips for the skin?

A: .uzips are no longer needed. You can edit everything you need to edit from directly within UCCW now.

Q: How do I edit the applications list?

A: Go into UCCW and select the theme you are using. Select “Applications” for the list of apps, or “Bottom 1-4” for the apps at the bottom. From there select “Static Text” and from there you can change the app to whatever you want, jut make sure to update the hotspot to it.

Q: How do I change the hotspots?

A: Go into UCCW and select the theme you are using. Select <b>Hotspots</b>. APP 1-11 are the hotspots for the applications list. Bottom 1-4 are for the applications at the bottom. To reallocate them, tap on the desired hotspot, then tap “Hotspot”, from there select Application then choose which application you want it linked to.

Q: I don’t have a logo on the right hand side of the screen. How do I set it?

A: Within the PipDroid application go to Other > Logos. From here select the color of your theme, then install the widget the same way as the original one. Just make sure to press and hold on it and select “Send to Back.

Q: Will you ever support a full icon pack? 

A: Chances are, no. I just don’t have the time or will to keep several thousand icons in four, er five, different colors up-to-date.

Q: My time and weather isn’t updating! What do I do?

A: Just reboot. That usually fixes it, if not try toggling the wifi or data on and off. It will fix itself.

Q: Is there going to be any place I can vocalize my concerns and suggest new things for this widget?

A: Yes! If you have an idea please email me, if I like it, I’ll put it in an update! Alternatively, post in any of the reddit posts to help others out, or request help on yours. There are always people willing to help. Please accept that if I don’t answer your question immediately, it’s because I’m either sleeping or helping others. I love to help and will be doing my best.

Q: Does it work on tablets this time?

A: Yes! It now supports up to quad HD displays, including tablets. Although it may look a little off on tablets due to the aspect ratio.

Q: Do you plan on doing something like this for iPhone?

A: I have no clue how to develop on iPhone, so chances are no. Sorry :(

Q: You do know that the in the game you have a “Red” option as well right? 

A: Yes I did know that. I just never see anyone actually use it. If there is any demand for red, it will go up asap.

Q: What happened to all the other widgets (weather, map, etc)?

A: Nobody used them and they just took up space. I opted to slim the whole thing down and make it very easy to use this time, but in doing that lost a bit of customization ability.