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Derrick Robertson
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" +Biệt động quân On the contrary, it is. It wouldn't make sense that non-U.S. citizens-working in the U.S.- can't have the same freedom of speech that any U.S. journalist/talk show host has. " 

Why should Piers Morgan be working in the US if he is not  a US citizen, was he admitted by the State Department as a refugee on the basis there was a shortage of pink Champagne and truffles in Britain ? 

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Merry Christmas everybody 

#GoRepublicans  Go Republicans

Nana Mouskouri - Weiße Rosen aus Athen

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European Union

<< EU page versus the Community page: What's the difference?

As you are all aware, Google+ launched what it calls Community pages to complement the private individual profiles and the general pages [like ours].

Up to now, we have utilised the European Union page to shares official EU news and information as well as European wide content which might be of interest to you.

With the launch of our EU Community page, we will now be separating the content we share.

The European Union page will focus more on official EU news and information, whereas the Community page will focus on other EU and European content. There will be some cross over between the two, however this won't be extensive.

We suggest that you may wish to join the European Union community page as well for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, to keep informed of non-official content that you will find there, but secondly and more importantly, it also enables you to add posts and share them directly with the others. Its your means of voicing your views and discussing matters of concern.

There are categories under which you can post. If the one isn't there that you wish to list your post, let us know and we'll add it.

The rules for posting are simple. Don't spam or post items that are not Europe-orientated, and, adhere to Google+'s guidelines. Note that Google+ has a spam filter in place [which we have no control over], so your post may be flagged as spam by Google [whether it is or not, is another matter]. So if your post doesn't appear immediately, please do not re-post. We'll check and approve/decline accordingly. 

Any questions? Let us know. The link to our Community page is below.

James [Moderator] >> 

@ European Union, the dofus Catherine Ashton is a left wing antisemitic Fascist C8nt, now p8ss off you Communist Fascist Nazi turbo-capitalist Islamist Arab racial supremacist Eurabia scum, you characters got a thrashing in 1939 through 1945 so if you want to go for another round, bring it on. 


Battle of Britain - Shooting Heinkels

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Merry Christmas everybody. 

Merry Christmas Georgia-Georgian Silent Night

Merry Christmas Georgia-Georgian Silent Night

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Sergey Lucktinov

" +Madison R Apparently you are minority, which gives me hope.... " 

"  which gives me hope.... ",.
What that homosexual relations can be made a criminal offense in the USA  as it was in the USSR ? 

Glenn Beck presents the Obama National Anthem

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Lizzie Hopkins

" How about instead of Romney or Obama, let's vote for Abraham Lincoln :D But seriously either way (Romney or Obama) were mostly screwed. " 

If President Lincoln was alive today the Obama would probably be denouncing Lincoln as an anti-Muslim racist and John O Brennan would probably be working with the Dearborn Michigan Police Department to get Lincoln arrested and handed over to a Sharia court to get Lincoln's head cut off with a sword on the basis of Lincoln not being a Muslim. 

#JohnBrownsBody #RomneyRyan2012

John Brown's Body

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