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Glenn Gilbert
Retired group editor, Digital First Media newspapers in Michigan.
Retired group editor, Digital First Media newspapers in Michigan.


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Stop lying about Obamacare
When then Vice President George H.W. Bush defeated Sen. Bob
Dole in the 1988 New Hampshire primary, Dole famously admonished Bush to “stop
lying about my record.” It has often been stated here that Obamacare opponents
should stick to the facts. It could jus...

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Ad unfairly attacks Peters over Obamacare
If you live in Michigan you’ve
probably seen the outrageous ad attacking U.S. Rep Gary Peters for his support
of Obamacare. The ad is funded by a big
business-funded group called Americans for Prosperity.   It features a mother of five by the
name of Shanno...

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AARP facing more challenges from conservative groups
It is all well and good for Fran Tarkenton to say AARP’s
support of Obamacare was the last straw for him. What does a multimillionaire
like him have to worry about when it comes to affording health insurance. Tarkenton criticizes AARP as too liberal in a ra...

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Michigan students falling behind nationally What can be done?
  Michigan is falling behind other states in terms of student achievement in public
schools and needs to take a number of steps to improve, according to a new
study.   “Compared to the rest of the country,
Michigan’s relative rank
on the national assessment...

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The truth about Obamacare redux
Rush Limbaugh may be correct not to trust the mainstream
media. But when he says he and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, are just interested
in the truth that’s really stretching it. “There no
news in the media,” Limbaugh said in response to the latest report o...

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Michigan Democrats trump Republicans' pothole proposal
If you used poker terms you
might say that the Democrats saw the Republicans’ offer to spend $100 million
repairing   Michigan potholes and
raised it   $115 million, for a total proposal of $215 million. The Republicans have not
been spared criticism in thi...

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Study says Michigan can afford more renewable energy
adjustment of   energy policies can
help Michigan triple its portion of production from renewable sources by 2030
without sizeable rate hikes, according to a new report. The Union of Concerned Scientists   said
that continuing
to ramp up renewabl...

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How should America view retirement?
The Wall Street Journal had a great piece on America’s philosophy on retirement if you can get through the
publication’s pay wall to view it. It basically says that if
the nation taps into its older people as a workforce it will stimulate economic
growth. T...

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Home health care in jeopardy?
Cuts in Medicare spending
for home health care jeopardize senior citizens, according to advocacy groups. The February jobs report released
by the Bureau of Labor Statistics last week represents the single highest level
of monthly job loss in the home health...

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Michigan public schools increasingly outsourcing services
Privatizing noninstructional services continues to grow in popularity among Michigan’s public school districts. Wyandotte
and Riverview were among districts that privatized additional services
in 2013, according to an annual survey on the subject carried ...
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