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Making the Most of Music Lessons
With fall just around the corner, our phones are
ringing and our email box is full of messages from parents and students looking
to get back into music lessons after a summer full of vacations and relaxation.
As we all get back into the swing of things, are...

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Tips to make music lessons & practice a breeze this summer
the weather gets nicer and we head into summer, are you having a hard time
getting yourself or your child to stick with music lessons and practice? You
already know that consistent weekly lessons--and practice in between--are vital
to get you to your mus...

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What if I forget the words?
We promise, the show will go on--and you’ll live to tell about it No matter how much you prepare for your moment in the spotlight, anything can happen on stage! This unpredictability makes performing lots of fun, but it can also be scary. However, if you pr...

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So you need a piano: Tips for selecting the right instrument for your needs
A beginning piano student needs a good
instrument. Think of it this way: If you wanted your kid to play soccer, would
you send him or her out on the field in a pair of cheap flip-flops, or would
you make sure your they had a good pair of shoes? Shoes, of co...

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Playing well with others: How to find people to jam with
Whether you want to be in a famous band or
just play a special song for a loved one, jamming with other musicians is a
great way to learn and get closer to your goal. Once you’ve mastered a few   easy
songs on the guitar   or gotten
the hang of a basic drum...

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5 Reasons to make music lessons a priority this fall
Fall is in full
swing. Between school, homework, sports teams, and clubs there is an
overwhelming number of activities that are clamoring for your child's time and undiscovered
skills. Should you sign him up for soccer or piano lessons? Take him fishing or

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September is a great time to start music lessons
We've all been doing our best to ignore the ridiculous "back to school" ads that started in July this year. But with Labor Day less than 2 weeks away, there's no hiding from it anymore: The back-to-school frenzy has officially begun! This is an exciting tim...

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We're holding a "Summer Sizzle" Festival on July 20!
day of music and family fun to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Greater
Nashua We're psyched to announce that we'll be hosting a “Summer Sizzle” event on Sunday, July 20, from 12 to 4 PM, at our Nashua location parking lot, 28 Charron Avenue. Summer Sizzl...

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5 Ways To Take Advantage of Summer Music Lessons
by Jeff Moore The long, beautiful days
of summer are upon us, and it’s normal for students to feel distracted with
family, friends, and activities. Continuing a practice and lesson routine
throughout the summer months is extremely important for budding musi...

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The Importance of Mistakes and 5 Famous Rock & Roll Screw-Ups
By Jeff Moore As humans and musicians, we all make
mistakes. Everyone from absolute beginners to high-level professionals are
subject to the occasional mess-up and each of us reacts to our imperfections
differently. Some musicians are able to recover and mo...
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