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Hydraulic Tube Fittings with Nut & Ferrule / Nut & Weld Nipple.

All available for next day delivery.

Tube Connectors : Straight Coupling , Equal Elbow, Equal Tee, Equal Cross.
Straight Bulk Head Coupling, Bulk Head Elbow.
Male Stud Connectors : Parallel Male Stud Coupling , Taper Male Stud Coupling ,
Parallel Male Stud Elbow, Taper Male Stud Elbow,
Parallel Male Stud Tee, Taper Male Stud Tee,
Swivel Fitting : Swivel Elbow , Swivel Elbow Connector, Swivel Tee,
Swivel Tee Connector, Swivel Banjo Connector.
Female Stud Fittings : Parallel Female stud Coupling, Female Elbow Connector,
Female Tee Connector , Pressure Gauge Adaptors ,
Reducers , Adaptors : Straight Reducing Couplings , Reducing Elbow, Reducing Tee, Male Female Reducers.
Plugs & Adaptors : Hex Head Plugs, Socket Head Plug, Hose Adaptors,.
Pipe Clamps : Polypropylene, Polyamide & Aluminum (Standard & Heavy Series).

Quick disconnect couplings : Quick release couplings - SS & MS, Camlock couplings- SS

1 Fittings supplied as per International Specification Din 2353.
2 Fittings supplied in CS & SS (304, 316 etc.)
3 Fittings supplied for different pressure applications :
4 Series L for SPM, Machine tool industries, Hydraulic return line and other low & medium pressure applications.
5 Series S for applications like Ship building, Mining, Steel plants, Aviation Industries , power plant, DG set & other high pressure lines.
6 Flareless Bite Type Fittings (Ferrule Fittings).
7 Fittings supplied with weld nipple for High pressure applications.
8 Fittings of non-standard range can be supplied as per customers’ requirements & drawings.

Types of Fittings

Straight Fittings / Equal Elbow Fittings / Equal Tee Fittings / Equal Cross Fittings / Straight Reducer Fittings / Tee Reducer Fittings / Straight Bulkhead Fittings / Bulkhead Elbow Fittings / Weld Bulkhead Fittings / Straight Male Stud Fittings / Male Stud Elbow Fittings / Straight Female Stud Fittings / Pressure Gauge Fittings / Pressure Gauge Fittings with Swivel Joints / Reducing Tube Adaptor with Swivel Nut / Reducing Standpipe Fittings / Straight Stud Standpipes / Straight Stud Adapter with Swivel Nut / Adjustable Elbow Fittings / Adjustable Elbow Fitting / Adjustable Tee Fittings / Adjustable Barrel Tee Fittings / Adjustable Elbow Fittings with Swivel Nut / Adjustable Tee Fittings with Swivel Nut / Adjustable Branch Tee Fittings with Swivel Nut / High Pressure Banjo Fittings / Weld Fittings / Weld Nipples / Weld Nipples (Reducers) / Weld Fittings / Blanking Ends / Nut / Bite Ring / Reducing Thread Adaptors / Blanking Plugs / Blanking Plugs to Fit Cones / Bulkhead Fittings Nut.

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Polypropylene Hydraulic Clamps

Global Transmission offers a range of Pipe Clamps manufactured by Global Clamping of pipes in installations is required to dampen vibrations, provide support to the installation and prevent loosening of the joints/welds. Our Clamps, with their unique 4-rib construction design, prevent the transmission of vibrations from the pipe to the frame and vice-versa. They also provide rigid support to the pipe, both in lateral and longitudinal directions, relieving stresses caused by unequal movements in the pipeline. The material of the pipe clamps differs to suit working conditions - from relatively cold conditions to temperatures up to 500C.

Heavy Duty Pipe Clamps

Heavy Duty Pipe Clamps are used in installations where heavy pipes and high vibrations are encountered. They are invariably used for trench layout of pipes and in open-weather conditions.
Heavy Duty Pipe Clamps are available with weld plate mounting for all sizes and for channel mounting with special "T" nuts for pipe sizes up to 1" or 38 mm OD. Channels are available in lengths of 1/2" meter and are economical for multiple mounting on a single channel. Both the weld plate and the channel mounting designs are available only with a top plate in view of the heavy vibration and loading encountered.
They are available in a vertical mounting arrangement or a horizontal multi-clamp arrangement wither back to back or run.

Standard Duty Pipe Clamps

Standard Duty Pipe Clamps are used in installations having average loading with relatively light vibration in the system. These clamps are ideal for machine tool applications and in instrumentation piping. The clamps may be used without the top plate for reasons of economy where there is low/no vibration.
Standard Duty Pipe Clamps are also available for channel mounting with special "T" nuts. Channels are available in lengths of V% meter and are useful for multiple clamping on a single base. They also allow flexibility of clamping where the pitch between the pipes is uneven. Standard Duty Pipe Clamps are available for pipe sizes up to 2" or 50 mm OD.
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River water flange Hoses

Global Transmission River water flange Hoses . Pure abrasive Liner. Tough, rubber, versatile alternative to inflexible, cumbersome tubing. The easy handling and reusable quick-fastening flange system make installation a snap. Absorbs system vibration and saves wear on equipment. Compensates for thermal expansion and contraction, reduces noise. Flexible connection for hard piping misalignment. Can be cut on site for immediate installation. No welding necessary. Available with many inner tube compounds to meet specific material handling needs.


Tube: Black abrasion tube natural or synthetic.

Reinforcement: textile or helix wire

Cover: Ozone and ultra violet resistant

Temperature Range: -40°F to +120°F (depending on compound)
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Universal Pipe Expansion Joint

The universal pipe expansion joint consists of two bellows separated by a pipe section or spool. The primary purpose of this arrangement is to have a unit which will accept large amounts of lateral deflection. The amount of lateral deflection they can accept is a function of the amount of angulation each bellows can absorb and the distance between the bellows. For a given bellows element, the amount of lateral deflection capability can be increased or decreased by simply changing the length of the center spool.
Since deflections are usually the result of piping thermal expansion, and universal expansion joints are usually long, the thermal expansion of the entire unit's length is accepted as compression by the two bellows elements. In this way, the overall length of the unit does not change when the piping is heated.
• Absorbs large amounts of lateral deflection
• Unit length does not change with heat
• Eliminates pressure thrust load
• Tie rods not required
The necessary steps for installing all pipe expansion joints shall be pre-planned. The installers shall be made aware of these steps as well as the installation instructions furnished by the manufacturer. The most critical phases of the pipe expansion joint installation are as follows.
• Care shall be exercised to prevent any damage to the thin bellows section, such as dents, scores, arc strikes and weld spatter.
• No movement of the pipe expansion joint (compression, extension, offset, rotation and especially torsion) due to piping misalignment, for example, shall be imposed which has not been anticipated and designed into the movement capability of the pipe expansion joint. If such movements are imposed, they can result in system malfunction, damage to the bellows or other components in the system. Specifically, cycle life can be substantially reduced, forces imposed on adjacent equipment may exceed their design limits, internal sleeve clearances may be adversely affected
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We are Offering Mould cooling water Hoses for CCM & SMS areas.

Those are made by high grade of material.

Description: Wire braided hose assemblies are heavy duty wire armoured water hose fitted with flanged couplings. They are designed for use in the pumping and suction of water in ccm and sms areas in steel plants

Sizes: 2" to 8"

End Fittings: Steel fixed flanged hose tails, ASA150, PN10/16, Table D and Table E. Lengths: Available in standard 3mt to 6mt lengths, however the lengths up to 15mt also available.

The hose end is integrally built around and bonded to the nipple body. The hose reinforcing materials are also anchored to the nipple.

The nipples used are generally argon welded from pipe. Nipples made from standard pipe will be full bore only


1) Balances and compensates to prevent displacement or vibrations in extreme temperatures, pressure, or thrust.
2) Used extensively in all facets of the high-tech steel industry as well as other industries.
3) Have good flexibility and handle extreme temperature and pressure well.
4) They can play an important role in hose reciprocating motion, thermal expansion absorption, vibration absorption and adjusting compound tube center.
5) Important connector for gas, oil and water with modern equipment pipeline systems and piping projects.
6) Axis direction compensate: 10 - 100mm.
7) Angle direction compensate: 10 - 40 degrees.
8) Work temperature: -20 - 450 degrees.
9) Length: 100 - 2, 000mm or custom request

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Oxygen lancing & nitrogen purging hoses

Global's Oxygen lancing Hose provides excellent high service across multiple industrial oxygen lancing and scarfing applications in foundry and steel mill applications. The hose is flame and oil resistant and the ends are capped at the factory to prevent contamination for operator safety.

• Tube: Black chloroprene for oil and flame resistance.
• Reinforcement: Multiple textile plies for flexibility and strength.
• Cover: Resistance to abrasion, flame and oil.
• Couplings: Qualified with steel crimp couplings for a durable, safe and secure connection.
• Lengths: Available in optional 100 mtr continuous lengths maximum.

• Industrial oxygen
• Lancing
• Oxygen injection
• Scarfing
• Foundries
• Glassworks
• Steel mills

hose designed for lancing, purging and scarfing with hand-held equipment in the steel industry
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Hydraulic Hose Assemblies Manufacturer

Modern hydraulic hose typically consists of at least three parts: an inner tube that carries the fluid, a reinforcement layer, and a protective outer layer.

The inner tube must have some flexibility and needs to be compatible with the type of fluid it will carry. Commonly used compounds include synthetic rubber, thermoplastics, and PTFE, sometimes called Teflon. The reinforcement layer consists of one or more sheaths of braided wire, spiral-wound wire, or textile yarn. The outer layer is often weather-, oil-, or abrasion-resistant, depending upon the type of environment the hose is designed for.

Not surprisingly, hydraulic hoses have a finite life. Proper sizing and use of the correct type of hose will certainly extend the life of a hose assembly, but there are many different factors that affect a hose's lifespan. SAE identifies some of the worst offenses as:

flexing the hose to less than the specified minimum bend radius
twisting, pulling, kinking, crushing, or abrading the hose
operating the hydraulic system above maximum or below minimum temperature
exposing the hose to rapid or transient rises (surges) in pressure above the maximum operating pressure, and
intermixing hose, fittings, or assembly equipment not recommended as compatible by the manufacturer or not following the manufacturer's instructions for fabricating hose assemblies.
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Wire Braided Hydraulic Hoses

Single and double wire braid hydraulic hoses.

We provide hydraulic hoses used in pressure as well as supply hydraulic hose with wire braid for high temperature.

Wire braid hydraulic hoses can be divided into many types according to the layer number. Here we will introduce two kinds of wire braid hydraulic hoses that are widely used in the markets. They are namely single wire braid hose and double wire braid hose.

Steel wire braided hoses can be used to transport petrochemicals and hydraulic fluids under relatively high pressures and temperatures. In addition, oil-resistant wire braided hoses can provide flexible connections between steel pipes in hydraulic systems. They can find their applications in the fields of mine hydraulic bracket, automatic hydraulic systems of oil field exploiting machine, mine projects and other industrial sectors, especially used as jackhammer component. It can withstand in the temperature of -40°C to +100°C, and the maximum temperature can be +125°C. Also the surface of steel wire braided hydraulic hose can be two types including smooth and fabric surface.
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Ladle slide gate Hydraulic Hoses

Engineered Hose for Steel Mill Application
The operating equipment in steel mills must be rugged and sturdy to withstand exposure to heat, metal debris, and coolant chemicals. One of the critical machines in a steel mill application is the pinch roller, which moves molten steel material between milling devices. Because such transport is critical in keeping the work moving, and requires heavy duty machinery to do what couldn’t be done safely by hand, an efficient mill needs reliable supplies to keep pinch rollers in service.Major steel producer, was experiencing high failure rates with hydraulic hoses supplying a water-glycol solution to the pinch roll machinery. Because rubber is a flexible product often in use for fluid transfer, it was one choice for the steel mill application, but it couldn’t hold up to the heat, both in the mill’s environment and particularly in proximity to the continuous casting process that the pinch roller was feeding. The next material the steel producer tried was a metal hose, but in addition to heat fatigue, corrosion was a problem. Both materials (rubber and metal) were causing time-consuming and costly delays as failures resulted in equipment down time.Including the other side of the caster (the steel entry point). The ladle slide gate was also experiencing hydraulic hose failure due to extreme heat—approximately 260°C (500°F)—and the interaction with the hydraulic fluid itself. The variation of the hose for this application featured a PTFE inner core, metal braided exterior, and an insulating fire sleeve as a cover. These customized versions of an already heavy-duty hose product keeps the steel mill on target, meeting their efficiency goals as they know they can rely on the components that support their milling equipment.
Global Transmission's ladle slide gate hose assemblies made with high temprature & high pressure hose to replace standard elastomer based hydraulic hoses application is at a major mill steel slab casting facility lo
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Thermoplastic non conductive Hydraulic Hoses

Thermoplastic hose are compatible with many eco-fluids and biodegradable fluids, including many new ecological hydraulic oils, as used more often in the industry. Although these fluids are positive for the environment thanks to their ecological properties, at the same time they can be extremely aggressive on hoses, especially on traditional rubber hoses. It is everybody’s responsibility to respect our environment. In this way it is important to consider that Transfer Oil thermoplastic hoses, after their service life, can be recycled as raw material for non engineered products. A responsible choice for our future.


Highpressure Hydraulic Lines 100 to 420 bar.
Compact, high pressure, light weight and low change in length. Suitable for hydraulic application with increased resistance to abrasion. For use with petroleum, synthetic or water based fluids in hydraulic systems. Suitable for Ferro Plants, Steel mills, Furnaces,Earthmoving, Safety, Rescue and material handling equipments. Can be used for industrial gase and other applications.

Is also recommended for general on-shore equipment working in high humidity environment.

Thermoplastic hoses - medium and high pressure hoses made of thermoplastic polymers (most often of polyester,
polyamide, polyurethane) with one or two textile or steel wire braids as reinforcement.
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