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Life Update + What I'm Loving
Fall is almost here and I'm beside myself with anticipation for pumpkin spice everything. Yes, I'm that chick. Maroons, oranges and deep yellows give me the warm fuzzies. A nip in the air first thing in the morning-- forgeeeet about it. There is a small lev...

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Losing a Life Friend
When I was a kid, Mom and Dad started me with the classics—the
music they loved. Donna Summer, The Bee Gees, Gary Wright, Bread, The Moody
Blues, Michael Jackson, Harry Chapin and the list goes on and on. Real vinyl
records we played over and over, a fair f...

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The Second Curse: Cover Reveal!
Whispers of a gathering insurgent army threaten the whole world, Faerie and Mortal... In the second volume of the popular young adult fantasy saga The Symbolon Series . Scylla escaped torture and death when she and her companions fled Mistral's ice fortress...

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It's Coming! It's Coming!
The Symbolon Series Book 2 cover reveal is coming soon! I worked once again with the amazingly-talented team at Berto Designs in Australia and, I must say, the end product is far more beautiful than I imagined. And I can imagine big, okay? Ha! Thanks to all...

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The Week in Photos - 3/4-3/12
Yeah, yeah. I know this is more than a week, but I couldn't leave out Geek Fair and then I took one of my wee man climbing stuff he wasn't supposed to climb in Lowe's. Which is pretty much everything, right? I mean, they won't even let you on the ladders. W...

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The Week in Photos
My Five-Year-Old's Depiction of Him in Mommy's Tummy Thought I'd try something different, as well as stick to my New Year's Resolution to take more photos. I didn't do so well over the past few days, but hopefully content will improve as I go along. It's be...

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Surges and Setbacks
Often when I'm trying to think of something to write for the website, I find myself attempting to work up sage writing advice or a smattering of photos I've taken recently. But let's be honest: I'm not the best at writing advice--I mean, I can give it, same...

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My New Year's Resolutions
First and foremost, I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year! I sincerely hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas holiday and that you spent time with family and friends and, hopefully, even got in a little, well-deserved relaxation. We had a quiet...

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Another Year: A Thanks to 2016!
Every year during this time, I reflect on the months that’ve gone by,
of all I’ve done and seen and the people I’ve met. And, of course, I think about
what I set out to accomplish at the beginning of the year and what I actually
got accomplished. Goals—that...

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A Top 5 from Fellow Fiction Authors
Bestselling Author Neil Gaiman 1.  "Read. Read everything you can lay hands on." —  T.H. White 2.  "Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass." –  Anton Chekhov 3.  "Read it aloud to yourself because that's the only way t...
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