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oh gosh. google plus. i totally forgot about you.  (and here comes me asking for help, right off the bat. at least i'm honest, right? i'll try to stick around a little while before inevitably forgetting about you again.  but i'll try not to... forget that is.)

so here goes... i help run an annual raffle to benefit child's play (they help provide games to act as distractions and rehabilitation for sick kids in hospitals)  ANYWAY, there's less than 60 hours left to get some raffle tickets. and we haven't even reached 50% of our goal, so even a $5 donation will give you an incredible chance at winning a potentially amazing prize (this year's prize list is staggeringly large for the amount of money raised so-far. it's pretty depressing, actually. i guess the market for child's play fundraisers is totally saturated.  which is a good thing... but not for the sponsors who donated all of these prizes. i'm not exaggerating, there are way more prizes in the pool than what the $2,500 we've almost raised so-far would buy.) 

even if you're not a gamer, the holidays are coming up. surely you know someone who would like one of these prizes if not yourself. nudge nudge ♥ and not everything is geeky. we have some vegan cookbooks to encourage y'all to donate. eh???? how's about it? :-)  can you spare $5?  (more would be better, but i understand that the economy is also playing a part in why we've failed miserably in reaching our goal.)

also, we provide a place for winners to swap prizes, so if you don't win what you'd like, chances are the person who won what you liked might be willing to swap with you.

please?  puppydog eyes?

#vegan   #gamer  #videogames #games    #raffle   #childsplay   #childsplaycharity   #etsy   #fundraiser   #freshfromtheveganslowcooker   #vegansandwiches  

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i was getting frustrated with itunes' inability to subscribe to a podcast and download automatically to my ipod without the necessity to download it to the computer first before syncing. i am LOVING downcast! and even better, if you're going to be near wifi for a while, you can even set a playlist to stream without even downloading to your 'pod! heaven!

i painted a manatee on my locker in high school. i didn't get in trouble for it, but i came back after break, and it was partially turpentined off, so i painted a tree over that and it wasn't messed with. i heard that it stayed around for a while after i graduated.

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wait, what? an ice cream parlor called "UMMM"? is that why i've been seeing people use that in place of mmm lately? sorry to burst your bubble, but ummm does not mean yum. it is the vocalization of an ellipsis. it is subconsciously telling people that they should be hesitant about trying your goods. (i'm amazed they've been around for 20 years with a name like that.)

sometimes i regret choosing supercarrot as a pseudonym. i know i'm a tough person to understand/get along with, but sometimes i think it escalates situations.

so, here it is. i don't think i'm superior to anyone. in fact, i have relatively low self esteem. my words don't always come out right and tend to make situations worse. i'm a problem solver, and often my solutions are seen as displays of superiority, when i'm just collaborating. (i love constructive criticism. if someone is offering a solution to a flawed project of mine, i'll give it some thought, and if i don't think it'll work, or if i had already considered it, i'll engage the solver in a conversation. i never brush people off. i know how it feels to be brushed off without explanation, so i don't do it.)

i was a kid! i wanted a silly AIM username, so i chose supercarrot_away (you know, because superhero vegetables can fly, and i liked carrots, and i dye my hair red, and my name is carrie), which morphed into the supercarrot you see today. it was never meant as a pedestal.

bittersweet: i got 6 tubs of so delicious ice cream for 1.75 a piece at superfresh. (sweet, because i had a bunch of $1/1 coupons, bitter because they were on clearance.) but seriously, who is going to pay $7 for a pint of ice cream on a regular basis? keep your prices reasonable, and you wouldn't have to resort to not carrying it. even the regular purely decadant at wholefoods has become unreasonably expensive. $3? sure. $4? ehhhh. if i really had a craving. $5? are you forking serious? (and that dictates my opinion of one pint for $6, let alone $7. it's off the charts)

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just doing my part to spread the word (copy/pasta) expand for link to a survey at the bottom:

"Getting the word out about a men's contraception being tested in India/USA.
1. Long lasting. 2. Basically 100% effective. 3. Reversal is easy. 4. No long term side effects. 5. Equal reproduction control for guys. 6. Affordable.
....and more." -vaalea on the FB group

"RISUG is in advanced clinical trials in India; some of the men have been using it for more than 15 years. Right now, only local men near the study sites in India are eligible for the trials, though there could be a limited market release in 2012/2013 for Indian men. But there’s good news for men outside India: RISUG may be on its way to the rest of the world! In early 2010, a small foundation that grew out of the Male Contraception Information Project purchased rights to begin studying RISUG in the U.S. and developing it for the rest of the world. The goal is to have it on the market as an alternative to vasectomy as early as 2015, with clinical trials beginning in 2012. Its new name is Vasalgel™. The foundation is moving fast on getting the first steps done, but won’t have enough money to finish the project; if you want to show larger funders that there’s demand and that they should partner on finishing the job, add your voice to MCIP’s short, no-spam petition to funders."

let's play draw something (iOS) my username is supercarr0t <--with a zero
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