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I'm a big fan of Miyazaki movies and I have to say this one, albeit not as well known as Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle, has one of the best voice casts I've heard. It's a wonderful ride and I highly recommend it.

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In Memory Of - Presentation Day
So presentation day was...nerve-wracking to be frank. I wasn't sure if I felt if we were ready to present, and I wanted so badly to make sure that my last art class presentation was one to at least leave an impression. Sean had to move his car suddenly leav...

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Lecture #2 - David Zimmerman

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Lecture #1 - Kevin Chen

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In Memory Of Progress #8
November 30th: I was feeling a bit nervous as it was the week before our installation would be shown and I did not feel ready. Not exactly on my part, but on Sean's as, compared to only 1 or 2 gems I needed to print out, he did not have nearly as many stand...

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In Memory Of Progress #7
November 15th: I spent another day in the digital media lab with the intention of making completely new 3D modeled Life Gems as well as making some previous Life Gems a bit bigger. Again, it took me a few hours (I believe around 5-6 hours) to completely get...

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Exhibition #2 - Emily Arthur
In my opinion, there are endless possibilities of how a journey for a person or a people can be shown or conveyed to others. I especially love well done, woven journeys of stories in books and epics such as The Odyssey by Homer. So when I see a story that i...

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In Memory Of Progress #6
November 9th This day may have been one of the longest days I spent working on the project. The day was strictly focused on making as many Life Gems, and as many correctly made Life Gems, as possible. I came in around 11:45am and worked till around 8:00pm. ...

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Exhibition #1: Joe Allen
When I was little, my parents immersed me in Native American culture. We went to go see museums on their history, watch the pow-wows when they happened, and visited some Native American territories on our way to national parks like Antelope Canyon. I’ve alw...

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In Memory Of Progress #5
November 2nd: Sean and I both decided that the place we wanted to set up our installation at was in the courtyard in the CFA. It had a very open space with a few trees, and the glow of the Life Gems would definitely bring the attention needed for viewers to...
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