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Sussex Copywriting Services
Sussex based web content writer, specialising in SEO
Sussex based web content writer, specialising in SEO


Great advice from Nick Parker, a language consultant within the legal sector:

Find out what your company’s tone of voice is, and take it seriously

These days, savvy brands know that having well-written marketing stuff is only the start. They’re now making sure they also take care of all the nooks and crannies, too: the terms and conditions, the fair-use policies, the small print, the contracts. It’s no longer good enough to shrug off the difficult stuff. Yes, the legal content still needs to be accurate, but the tone of it should be up to brand, not the in-house legal team.

The other day I spotted a lovely little rewrite in the small print of an O2 Priority poster. The line that used to say ‘Priority tickets are subject to availability’, now says ‘Priority tickets: when they’re gone, they’re gone’. There’s clearly a lawyer there who understands their brand’s tone of voice.

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Wow, praise indeed from the Director of the Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce, kind enough to introduce me to another company:

"As discussed, I have copied in Susan Beckingham, a copywriter who is interested to meet you. I have worked with Susan for a while now and I have always enjoyed it. She has an intelligent, thoughtful and creative approach. Basically she very good and easy to work with!

 Though talking to her I know that she has an extensive career in business development, selling and implementing marketing services, mostly call centre campaigns. She describes herself as a pretty good all rounder in terms of talking to people about their business objectives, marketing, target audience, that sort of thing – the business background is what sets her apart from my competitors.

 Also she’s very experienced in writing business proposals, tenders, newsletters, email marketing campaigns and blogs (and loves doing blogs). She knows how to write content for SEO and add value in being able to analyse sites for “mistakes” in coding, validation and keyword density.

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Sussex Copywriting Services provides clear, crisp and accurate words primarily for your website but I’m much more than a web content writer.  I offer a wide range of services for people who need good copy for blogs, business proposals, email marketing, reports, business plans, anything really.

Effective copy will enable your message to come across loud and clear and will develop rapport with the people reading your site. Pretty pictures may grab your potential customers’ attention, but it’s the words that will impress…or not.

Sussex Copywriting Services is based in the mighty fine city of Brighton & Hove but can of course deliver services within the UK. Or anywhere, for that matter.

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