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We are going to be running a fundraiser (indiegogo or Kickstarter) in June to raise $12,000 toward providing our services to deserving charities. If you have a suggestion for charities - these needn't necessarily be 501(c)s but they must be causes that people are likely to want to help support, or are a member of one yourselves - please contact us.
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I am definitely interested in exploring that yes. We are ESPECIALLY interested in initiatives / projects / programs that involve books and libraries. (The other owner / my wife has a MLIS)
Sweet. Something may work out nicely.
[edit] BSH will reshare this if you circle us back.
Done, and shared. Part of why we are looking for things like what you are doing is that, aside from my interest as an author, it is the kind of thing that Jaz (my partner) could benefit the most based on her experience and connections as a librarian.
Well the timing is right on. We now have a grant writer who is ready to jump into action, also. Let's build something.
I am 110% for it. What's the next step from us?

(Have you explored our site?)
I have not yet. I'm hoping to plan a strategy session with my partner next week. We're gonna need to hire some marketing people when we reach phase B. We should definitely be chat about teaming up.
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