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#gentoo just tried to remove less during a I added it to my favorites as per these posts...note that less is part of the system profile why it could be a candidate for a depclean is beyond me.
Code: >>> Calculating removal order... >>> These are the packages that would be unmerged: dev-perl/extutils-pkgconfig selected: 1.12 protected: none omitted: none net-print/gnome-cup...
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The last time I did a pretend run of --depclean it told me that none of my packages were necessary, even all the KDE4 packages. Which is my desktop. Which I use every day.

I don't think --depclean actually works, but I'm not expert.
It generally seems to work for me - just these oddities every once in a while - its a good thing that it waits for user intervention so I can....intervene.
I should be so lucky. There's probably a bunch of stuff on my computer that I don't need anymore. A bunch of orphaned libraries doing nothing but hanging out in the seedier sectors of my hard drive.

When I'm ready to re-install I'll let it remove everything it doesn't think is necessary, for a laugh. I'd be surprised if it still worked, though.
I've borked my system several times letting it remove things willy-nilly - I find it is often just easier and faster to rebuild the system. It definitely pays to keep /home on a separate partition :D
I should start doing that. I get lazy and just use three. I'm hoping to get an SSD one day, though, and that'll guarantee I put /home somewhere else.
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