2013 will be the third year for Eyeo, a festival that I help to co-ordinate in Minneapolis, MN. Eyeo is a get-together for people who do creative things with computers - artists, visualizers, and makers of various stripes. 

This year we're adding a new piece to the Eyeo puzzle: The Code+ed Summit is a free, one-day mini-conference on code & education, with a focus on the arts & humanities. 


The goal is to bring together a group of teachers, students & commentators to talk about how we can better teach people to be expressive with code and technology. There are a lot of important questions facing educators in every field today, and ours is no exception. 

Code+ed will be a 'wiki-style' conference, with a program consisting of talks & workshops proposed and led by attendees. More details will be released soon; for now you can contribute to this Google Doc of questions for code/art educators:


And you can find out more about the full Eyeo festival programming at http://eyeofestival.com
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