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An HTML5 framework for building modern Web Apps.
An HTML5 framework for building modern Web Apps.

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+Renaun Erickson shares his experience creating his first MontageJS application.

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"Modular applications with Montage Components" by Benoit Marchant

There is a growing demand to build increasingly complex mobile applications with HTML5, in part due to its cross-platform nature. However delivering these applications is still very challenging.

The Montage framework was designed from the ground up to build complex HTML5 applications. This talk will explain how Montage’s reusable and encapsulated Components provides a natural and effective way to write modular, robust, applications by allowing team members to work on different part at the same time.

More infos about the conference:

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The new Montage bindings system introduced by +kriskowal

Montage v0.12.1 released:

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We just launched a gallery with some Apps and demos:

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Very interesting to see the priority list of #CSS  features. Happy the new layout features are that high up.

Legend in that chart: V=Very S=Strong I=Interest N=No
/thx @junglecode

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Our site is live:
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